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Having issues running games lately + a couple questions

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 9:33 pm
by stevaside

Thanks for all the response I recieved in the past, I wound up getting busy & forgot to respond the site has been down for maintenace for a while

I was on my way to getting alot of games running in Hatari, but for some reason lately it seems alot of games take over my ability to use the mouse & I get stuck & wind up having to hard reboot my PC. Also, mutliple games seem to have been starting up at once when I try to load just one. Can anyone offer some advice?

A couple more things I'm trying to figure out are

-That status bar at the bottom during gameplay, someone taught me how to go into settings & disable it, but it appears to always show up by default when starting a game. Is there a way to permanently not have that show ?I can't seem to find any setting

-I've never owned an actual ST, but seems there are some pretty long load times for many games. Is there a way to bypass this through emulation & speed them up more?

-Another time consuming thing is scrolling through the game list when choosing one to load. I have quite a few games downloaded, but is there a quicker way to scroll through the directory other than constantly pressing the up/down arrows with the mouse cursor? Hoping so, as that would be alot more convienient

Thanks in advance, appreciate the help!

Re: Having issues running games lately + a couple questions

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 10:13 pm
by Eero Tamminen
If you've added "--grab" option to Hatari command line, it will take mouse grab on startup. You can toggle mouse grab with AltGr+M keyboard shortcut. Mouse grab is released also while you have the Hatari options dialog (F12) open.

You can disable Hatari statusbar using Options (F12) -> Hatari Screen -> Indicators radio buttons. After changing the indicator option, you need to save Hatari config for that option to be in effect also after Hatari is restarted.

(Hatari command line options to set statusbar and disk activity overlay led visibility are "--statusbar no/off" and "--drive-led on/off".)

If you have fast machine, simplest is just to speed past boring parts in a game using fast-forward (toggled with AltGr+X keyboard shortcut).

Explanation for the slowness: Some games require exact floppy disk controller (FDC) speed emulation to work correctly, so that's enabled in Hatari by default. This means that all disk activity works at the same speed as on the real floppy drives. You can disable that with the Hatari "--fastfdc on" command line option (if you save Hatari config after starting Hatari with that command line option, it's saved to your Hatari configuration file).

Games which are known to break with --fastfdc option are documented in the Hatari compatibility document (, but that can depend also on the version of the game you use.

While many commercial games work only from a floppy disk (images) due to copy protection, if the game works from harddisk (it's e.g. harddisk adapted, or supported that already originally), and it doesn't have problems with Hatari's GEMDOS HD emulation (>99% of the ones working from harddisk, should work with Hatari GEMDOS emulation), copying the files to a host directory and running the game from there makes all disk loading to work much faster. Fast-forwarding will then be faster too.

To run a game with Hatari, you don't need to use Hatari's own GUI to select it. Just give the name of the game program, or its floppy image file name, to Hatari, to run it.

You can do that either by:
* Setting Hatari as handler for files with the relevant file name extensions (*.PRG, *.TOS, *.ST, *.MSA, *.STX), and then just double-clicking on the relevant game file on your host machine when you want to run the given game, or
* Dragging the game file to Hatari application
(or giving the file name on Hatari command line manually)

Re: Having issues running games lately + a couple questions

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 6:53 pm
by stevaside
Thanks for the detailed response,

I don't have an AltGr key on my keyboard, and have tried just using ALT, but nothing seems to happen. The mouse cursor seems to be behaving ok for now though. So there is a fast forward option. Once I figure out what to use in place of the AltGr key I don't have, If I use that to speed up the slow loading of a game, how would I get back to regular speed??

I still can't get the status bar to stay off when starting games. Very annoying. I have tried saving a new config, but when I start up another game there it is again. Is there not a way to permanently leave this off without having to load config or change settings every time? Also want to mention I mainly launch games from Launchbox & I'm not familiar with using command line

Oh & 1 more question I forgot, I recently got an Xbox One controller to use with emulation onmy PC. Hatari recognizes it but automatically sets the analog stick for directions, is there a way for me to set it to the D-PAD instead? Would be ALOT more intuitive, very awkward playing some of those games with the stick

Thanks again so much for the help!

Re: Having issues running games lately + a couple questions

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 7:09 pm
by darwinmac
If you have a US-style keyboard, try using the right-hand Alt key. I haven’t used the Windows version of Hatari for a while, but I think that’s the key you need to turn on and off mouse grab.

I’m not sure about the other questions.

Bob C

Re: Having issues running games lately + a couple questions

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 7:00 pm
by Eero Tamminen
Fast forward shortcut key is a toggle.

Statusbar issue could be with your Hatari launcher. It could be specifying a different config file.

Direction options probably need to be configured somewhere lower level than in Hatari. Hatari uses for Joystick directions whatever SDL library provides for it.