Steem correct fullscreen resolution bluriness

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Steem correct fullscreen resolution bluriness

Post by theelf »

Hi, i have a problem i cant solve, maybe i can get some help

In fullscreen if i dont use borders, medium reoslution looks great in 640x400, but low resolution scale using bilinear, even if i select "crisp" and "no stretch options"

Same with borders (i use 768x540), exact same problem

i have a ATI 4550 and Windows XP. If i use the onboard intel i dont have the problems, low resolutions scale in a crisp correct way, s just with the ATI card

Im stuck,
any ideas?


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Re: Steem correct fullscreen resolution bluriness

Post by Cyprian »

I suggest to you report this issue on an official Steem SSE forum:
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