Stuff which doesn't work on Steem

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Atari Super Hero
Atari Super Hero
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Stuff which doesn't work on Steem

Post by Strider »

Hi there

Can anybody make a short list of demos and games which don't work on STeem please ?

Thanks ^_^
Strider from MJJ Prod
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Atari freak
Atari freak
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Post by 2nd.evidence »

Hi Strider,

have a look at this post from STEem authors here

I didn't really read it, but it's impressively detailed !!!

BTW, I visited your site, and, concerning "Atari dans les films", I was surprised :o that you haven't mentionned Terminator 2 yet, where we can see John Connor getting cash from a terminal using a Portfolio !!!

I can make snapshots out of my DVD if you want... 8)
TooSeb / MJJProd
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