2 sections about disk imaging in WIKI

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2 sections about disk imaging in WIKI

Post by AtariZoll »


I see some errors in Disk-imagers section: first, and big one is DISKIMAG by Pera Putnik :mrgreen: what is actually not imager of whole floppy. Name is misleading (FAT is image of disk in some way), but all is explained on FloImg page, so I really don't see why it ended in disk imaging SW section.
WFDcopy uses not fdrawcmd, but uses Windows floppy driver, and that is why it can not work with 800KB format for instance.

I think that no need for 2 sections about floppy imaging, so best would be to just remove worse one (Disk-imagers). Even SW list for Atari is much better in Disk-imaging section.
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Re: 2 sections about disk imaging in WIKI

Post by Tompee »

I agree there seems to be duplication.
I see that Wongck edited both of them a lot so it wasn't different people working without realising the other article exists. It looks like Disk-Imagers article is meant to list the tools that can be used, whereas Disk-Imaging is a list of how-to guides.
I think they should be merged, I'll try to do it this weekend (I think there's still some value in the Disk Imagers article, maybe we can save some bits)

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