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Atari Wiki open to the public: volunteers needed

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2007 1:27 pm
by timofonic

I'm preparing a wiki about Atari systems and the company in general. I mean the true Atari with dedicated systems, pong, arcade systems, 2600, 5200, 7800, Atari 8bit computers, Atari Lynx, Atari ST, Atari Falcon, Atari Jaguar...

The wiki now has a proper hosting, but you still need to ask me to register so being able to edit on the wiki. I did this because I think the wiki needs to mature a bit before being fully open to the public.

I have nothing against with existing specialized wikis, just wanting to reunite all Atari-related information in one big wiki.

Of course not technical knowledge is required, just knowing this system enough and wanting to put interesting information. People with technical skills will be welcome for the technical articles too ;)

I did a forum post on atariarea and atariwiki.

If someone want to access the forums and collaborate, ask me by a private message and give me an username. I will send you by private message with the address and a temporary password that you can change.

I would like this wiki become the future AtariAge wiki, I just wanted to anticipate the work and finally contracted a hosting.