STX and the IPF-File format

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STX and the IPF-File format

Post by Legion »

Back in 2006-07 I reverse engineered parts of STX and the IPF file format - but I never released it.
Now I see that someone have reversed the STX-format a little bit more than I did (meaning of some values).
But have someone ever reversed the IPF-format? If not: Where do I post my results? Should I post my results?
I've heard SPS will release the specification sometime anyway, or will they?

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Re: STX and the IPF-File format

Post by AtariZoll »

DrCoolZic did some work about IPF files, and you can DL on his site:
There is PDF with some specs, and SW for giving infos about.

Yes, you should post your results. For instance right here :D We don't expect release(s) soon (in next 5 years :cry: )
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