Medway Boys 101 & BBC Menus

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Medway Boys 101 & BBC Menus

Post by Assassin »


I'm looking for a working version of Medway Boys 101 (where the menu works) and any BBC discs to fill holes in my collection.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

If anyone would be kind enough to e-mail these to me I can supply you with the best address to send them to.


Assassin/ADR UK
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Doctor Bob Gordon
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Post by Doctor Bob Gordon »

Hi Assassin,

Read this little discussion about Medway Boys >100:

And about BBC menus, you will find 40 disks at Marcer / Elite FTP:

Atari freak
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Post by jarskukkeli »

8O Im very interested in those BBC menus too! but that ftp don´t let me in...

Marcer FTP

Post by Assassin »

Hi there,

I think the Marcer FTP might have been down for a couple of days as I couldn't access it either. I got the BBC menus from the Polish mirror site.
However, if you're trying to access the ftp's from behind a firewall then you might have problems (as I did!!).

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