BBC 22

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BBC 22

Post by Brume »

There is a bad image of BBC #12 spread on some places over the Web. I guess that disk is coming from Elite CD-Rom (that version is damaged, too).
Both games on that disk are crashing. They are:

Turrican. I fixed it (using other sources and having repacked them with the same program). the game should be ok now.

Manix. I can't repair that game, because can't find the same crack anywhere else. I tried to redo the crack exactly the same, but that's impossible to do because i don't have the original version.

Any help about this Manix game is welcome. If someone has a working version of that menu, or a Manix cracked by BBC on another disk, please post here or contact me. Would be glad to trade, of course.


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Post by ICS »


And not to forget BBC menu 11.
And Lords of Chaos Datadisk in a working version...
And well...Raiders double sided version with sampled soundtrack...

I guess I could think off some more, maybe later.

See you, ICS
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