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Compilation Disks Player in Python

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2021 4:22 pm
by dimfil
Hi all!

Just wanted to share a small project of mine. I had a thought of building a small app in Python that could search in my compilation disks collection and find a game to play on my pc. Unfortunately, I have not enough space available for my beloved Atari ST to be always available on my desk...

I ended up with an interesting result, so I thought it could be helpful for others too.

Please visit my repo on GitHub if interested.
Precompiled windows package (including Medway Boys disks) can be found here.

Most supported menu disks with correct naming can be found in the cd-r discussed here.

Some description from my GitHub readme file:
Compilation Disks are a great part of the Atari ST home computer scene. So many and so great releases that cover the most part of Atari ST game (and not only) library are a must-have for any user. Many sites covered the need to search among the teams and groups who created such compilation disks. Atarimania, Stonish and Atari Legend just to name a few...

But i find interesting to be able to search and finally play a disk image directly on my pc, without the need to search online where to find a game. So, just for fun, I created a small app in Python that helps to:

Present the available library of my CD floppy images grouped by teams (at the moment D-Bug, Flame of Finland, Medway Boys, Pompey Pirates and Superior teams are supported)
Search in the library for a game (searches in user's collection but also in the full list of all supported teams)
Play the game with Hatari emulator
An Atari ST 1040 system is emulated for best compatibility purposes. For copyright issues, initially Emutos is used. For better compatibility please find a file from TOS 1.04, rename it to tos.img and replace the one already provided in .\data\tos folder Also, for a more "Atari ST like" feeling, install the supplied font (find it in .\data folder)

Place your collection in .\data\floppies folder regarding the team. Please consult comp_disks_naming.csv file for correct naming of the floppy images. Most of the time, collections already available online have correct names.

When start, the app will populate the treeview according to the available floppy images, grouped by teams.

Double click on a disk to start it!

Note: Some release use two (some times more) disks for a game. Unfortunately most of them do not support a second floppy drive, so it is impossible to automate the process in Hatari. In this cases (you will know as these disks are noted as (A), (B) and so on) if you want to play a multiple disk game you have to swap the floppy image by your own. Use Hatari Menu for that (ALTGr+O or F12)

In the emulator [ESC] key toggles fullscreen/windowed, [Q] key quits the emulator and (as already stated above) [ALTGr+O] enables the Hatari gui.

I hope you find it usefull. If needed, please contact at

Have fun...!!!

Re: Compilation Disks Player in Python

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2021 6:20 am
by dimfil
Support for Automation team added.
Releases can be downloaded from repo on GitHub.