Collected 3500 ST disks today

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Re: Collected 3500 ST disks today

Post by spiny »

cramar wrote:Wow!

You've just bought a tear to my eyes!!!

I wrote the Demo Club Catalogue program on disk 730... Back in 1990!! (it took me weeks diss-assembling other demos learning what routine did what, and then re-coding just the bits I wanted to make the program) - I even made it auto load a text file to show in the scroll text!!

Sadly I lost all my Atari disks during a house move, so never thought I'd ever see that again! - Can't wait to show my kids!!

Don't suppose you have a program called Bootsaver anywhere do you? - I wrote that as a GEM based program that could also be run as a desktop accessory - it allowed you to save bootsectors from game disks and restore them at a later date should they get infected by a virus.

I think the filename was bsave301.prg or bsave301.acc - again I lost the program and all the source code to it, but it'd be great to find it once again!

Many thanks Spiny, you've made my day!!
It's still better code than I can manage in 2015 :D I'll have a look for the bootsector tool, it sounds familiar, I may have saved it out to one of my archives.

edit: are you aware of the demozoo site ? I'm helping fill the gaps with Atari demos, and it looks like you have other disks already there:
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Re: Collected 3500 ST disks today

Post by cramar »

It's better code than I could manage now!

I can faintly remember some... I think I could still write a "hello world" message in 68000 code, but not much else!

I'd love to see my "bootsaver" program, I just don't know where my original disks went as sadly just after I wrote that and the demo club thing, I bought a PC and sold my original ST.. I did save some of FDD's but I've no idea where they mostly ended up - Although thinking about it now, I think I've got a few POV tracker disks knocking about somewhere....

I'll check out demozoo... see what else I can remember!

Thanks again for hosting the files, it's really cool to see the old ST stuff after such a long time - it's a shame that the PC never seemed to have the same scene as the old ST/Amigas had!
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Re: Collected 3500 ST disks today

Post by bodkinz »

If your name is Matt Smith... then maybe this is it mentioned on PDL Utility Disk 89 (U89) ??

AUSPACK by Fred Nicklisch. A useful archive extraction program for uncompressing ARC, ZIP, LZH, ZOO & LHA files. ADDRESS by Carsten Setje-Eilers. A shareware name and address management program. BOOTSAVE by Matt Smith, build up your own library of commercial game bootsectors etc, then when disaster strikes and you get a bootsector virus you can rebuild the disk your self from the library.

someone post something, i'm bored :)
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Re: Collected 3500 ST disks today

Post by TickledPink »

I remember some years ago someonw dumped more than 2,500 ST floppies on me. They spent most of their time in the attic as I didn't have room for them. They contained full Automation, Medway, Pompeii and D-bug (which I'd never even heard of at the time) collections. Sold them on eBay one collection at a time. I think it was just one guy who bought them each time.

Surprised that these things sold so well.
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Re: Collected 3500 ST disks today

Post by lotek_style »

You don't remember who bought them?
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Re: Collected 3500 ST disks today

Post by rich »

Just wondered where I can find all of these disks now? I have the first batch that I imaged, but did the ones @spiny do end-up somewhere accessible today? Just curious, it's been a while :)
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