DemoBaseST updated to v1.11

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DemoBaseST updated to v1.11

Post by SkylineDave »

* Slightly more efficient screen updating
* Also a big improvement in screen updating efficiency when main list is not scrolling
* Reduced a few megabytes of wasted screen buffer memory
* Updated STeem 4.0.2 R29 to 4.0.2 R32
* Replaced two duplicate screens with new ones (#4824 and #4825)
* All screenshots and thumbnails from recent DBST updates merged back into main file
* Using Elements feature to limit to STOS demos now shows STOS cursor in search box
* Family Map screen now allows for zooming out further
* Extra window size step added (press + key)
* Adding a screen to favourite/jukebox directly from large screenshot when demo was not in the main list would crash DBST
* Now detects shift keys properly when typing an asterisk into the search box
* Pressing Enter when no demos in list would accidentally play the previous demo that was at the top of the list
* Megademo view was missing one of the megademos and instead including all screens not part of a megademo!
* Downloaded files not being deleted properly after updating DBST
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Re: DemoBaseST updated to v1.11

Post by dhedberg »

Thanks. I just recently discovered DBST. Great work!
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