Warzone / Core Design / 1991

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Re: Warzone / Core Design / 1991

Post by dlfrsilver »

it does not. Check Brume's message.
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Re: Warzone / Core Design / 1991

Post by ijor »

Sorry, I expressed myself incorrectly. Yes, I know it doesn't work at all with TOS 1.02 as Brume said. But what with TOS 1.0 and 1.4? The sprite is still missing?

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Re: Warzone / Core Design / 1991

Post by Idirian »

dlfrsilver wrote:Hello guys, i have a problem with this game. I dump the original i bought to an ST guy on facebook.

The disk was dirty, i cleaned it, made a kryoflux dump, a CTR, an IPF and an STX file.

The game use a copylock ST on track 0.0, and the remaining are ST tracks with 10 sectors each.

Problem : Steem 3.9.3 is unable to make the game work on every config i tried. The game was done by John Kirkland, and in 1991, so the game should run on ST and STE.

Second part of the problem, i have no errors on disk, and the copylock encodes correctly. Problem : The loading stops with a HALT.

Steven or any ST cracker/coder can take a look ? thanks :)

Files below :)
Well, as the actual John Kirkland mentioned above, this really does bring back some memories of my time at Core Design! Some fun times were had writing it. I especially recall it was done at the time of the first Gulf War and we listened to the radio a lot to see what was going off. I also recall it was our answer to "Mercs" which was something of an arcade hit at the time. I was hard work, and I seem to recall some significant crunch going off, so nothing ever changes in the games industry! It's been many years since I did any serious coding, having gotten out of the software (including games) industry in 1996. Thanks for the memories, folks. :cheers:

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Re: Warzone / Core Design / 1991

Post by TheNameOfTheGame »

Hey Idirian,

Thanks for joining the forum. Loved Core Design games back in the day. Still have all of them boxed here, but mostly play them via hard drive nowadays. Still waiting for the hard drive adaption from AtariZoll of Warzone (hint hint)

Still sad we never saw Chuck Rock 2.

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