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*** SOLD *** For Sale: Cubase v3 package updated to Score v2.0r7.

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:55 pm
by Atarieterno
******** SOLD *********

I sell this CUBASE v3 package updated to Cubase Score v2.0r7.
It works on all Atari ST, STacy, Mega ST, Mega STe, TT and Falcon (on all models with at least 2 Mby of RAM).
The dongle also works for Cubase MIDI v3.xx (1 Mby RAM minimum supported).
The package contains: manual of Cubase v3 in English language, four diskettes with software Cubase Score version 2.0r7 (the last one published for Atari), red dongle and small wooden chest to store the dongle. I also include a DVD with all Cubase versions (v2, v3.xx, Score, etc.), manuals in PDF format in English, German and French, and a collection of music programs with manuals.

Cubase Score basic description:
. 128 tracks MIDI sequencer.
. Includes Load and Save in midifile format (.MID).
. Complete score editor.
. MIDI events editor.
. Drum set editor.
. MIDI synthesizer editor (SyEx).
. Integrated additional modules:
Arpeggiator, General MIDI Menu and SysEx Editor.
. Possibility to use external modules:
Studio Module, Cue Trax and Style Trax (included in the DVD and also their respective manuals).

Enjoy making music with your Atari computer with maximum reliability.

Price: with shipping included in the EU.
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Re: For Sale: Cubase v3 package updated to Score v2.0r7.

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:12 am
Hello, I am interested. I am from EU.