Wanted: netusbee

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Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
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Wanted: netusbee

Post by MaLICiouS »

Since my daynaport doesn't seem to be on the happy side of life, I'm looking for a netusbee. I only need the ethernet part, so if the USB is broken, I'll gladly buy it anyway.
I'm willing to pay up to €100. Of course, if I'm getting desperate I'll be willing to pay more.

4MB 1040STe
4MB Mega/STE with FreeMiNT/XaAESm 40MB SCSI HD, 1.44M floppy
Recased Falcon030 with CT2, 64MB TT-RAM, 4MB ST-RAM, FreeMiNT/XaAES, EtherNEC and 40GB HDD

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