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This is a new forum for ST users wanting to sell or buy Atari ST related software or hardware.

I got the idea from similar forums that I've come across for the Amiga (sorry for swearing!) and the Spectrum.

Bascially, anything can be sold or requested on here EXCEPT for pirated software. This might seem a little hypocritical because lots of us were in "groups" back in the day, but we NEVER advocated the sale of pirated software and still don't.

I hope that you'll find this forum useful, and maybe it'll help you track down that elusive piece of ST software or hardware that you've been looking for!

Finally, the Atari Forum board, its members and its moderators cannot be held responsible for the quality of goods purchased or sold via this forum, and cannot be blamed for goods not arriving.

Best wishes!

Assassin/ADR UK :D
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Post by Ragstaff »

Following certain questionable trades that have recently been initiated on this board, perhaps some guidelines should be posted for conducting transactions.
With people using the site from countries all over the world, our ability to pursue cases legally is obviously constrained, however we can at least establish a clear protocol amongst ourselves.
Instructions in this protocol should provide the framework on which actions can be taken.
"Actions" could include banning, the publishing of names and addresses, and involvement of higher authorities (all the way up to God!).

I'll post a draft of some basic guidlelines here, and if people want to make suggestions or corrections, I will edit this post to accommodate them. I'll also try to complete it in the mean time! Moderators may even want to move this to its own thread, or just take it over...

Guidelines For Buying, Sellling, and Trade
The basic details of what constitutes a buy, sell, or trade are elementary and will not be explained in this document.

1 General guidelines
1.0 Postage
While this is negotiated between the participants in a transaction, the use of registered post is highly recommended. It protects both parties from
a) the risk of losing the item in the postal system
b) the risk of one party declaring they sent the item when in actual fact they did not
c) being accused of keeping an item after it has been sent.

1.01 An individual who sends an item unregistered when registered-post was requested is responsible for the loss of or damage to that item

1.02 An individual requesting the use of registered-post is responsible for keeping a verifiable record of that agreement. It is recommended that postage arrangements be declared and agreed to by both parties publicly, such is in the forum thread where the transaction was initiated.

1.03 Where both parties agree to send via unregistered post, and damage to or loss of the item occurs, they share equal responsibility. The cost of the mis-hap should be shared equally between the parties. This will typically involve transfer of funds, but that is to be negotiated between the parties.

1.1 Payment
Cash is the cheapest form of monetory exchange available, however it does not provide any record of the exchange except for the word of the two participants. It is also against the policy of most postal services to send cash in the mail. Therefore cash is not a recommended form of payment.

Western union money orders provide some record of the transaction, however the paper trail is relatively easy to evade, and a lot of fraud has been committed in recent times under the "protection" of Western Union money orders.

Paypal and direct deposits are relatively secure forms of monetary exchange, and are recommended. A clear record is available of who paid how much money to whom, at what time, and to a certain degree what for.

1.11 Method of payment agreed to should be verifiable (publicly for instance).

1.12 If both parties agree to a payment method that is vulnerable to fraud (cash or WU), then both parties share responsibility for loss of the payment.

2 Trading Guidelines
Trades are carried out in good faith, and the timing of the exchange (who sends what when) will ultimately be negotiated between the participating parties.

2.01 If you recieve items before you have sent your own half of a trade, and these items happen to be faulty *do not dispose of them*.
Retaining the items a) gives you proof that a deceptive trade has been attempted, and b) most importantly protects you from the accusation of keeping the goods while declaring them faulty.

2.02 An individual has the right to ask for goods to be returned if the other individual has declared them to be unfit for the trade. Responsibility for postage costs to return the item is shared. Both individuals take risks when engaging in a trade (or any other transaction), and one of these risks is the possibility of having to pay postage for the return of goods.
Both participants need to be protected from vindictive exploitation of this guideline (eg one participant declaring an item unfit just so that the other will have to pay for postage to return it), hence the sharing of the responsibility.
(this guideline needs work...)
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