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Retro freak
Retro freak
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Sam Nasty

Post by littleneo »

Image Sam Nasty Image

this a board game Im retrocoding about a 16x16 little guy that tries to escape from various jails.
guards, watchdogs, triggers, jump, crouch, keys, doors...
for now it runs on 1040ST but Im doing my best so it can fit on a 520.
the 1st full game release and a free playable demo with 5 levels are available !
Sources and assets are also available.

to download the full game -or the incoming level editor, or the sources- you need to register to the board, and send a 2€ or a bit more on the Sam Tipeee page. tips will help for the Level Editor (re)development -its working but hard to understand-, game new releases, extra levels...
Or if you like devel, 16bit music, please let me know :)
evrything is explained on the Sam Tipeee page !

meanwhile, have a try to the playable demo

see you, Jerome
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Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
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Re: Sam Nasty

Post by Hazzardus »

This looks fantastic for an STOS game. Congratulations on your hard work... Will try the demo when I get time.
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Re: Sam Nasty

Post by Atarieterno »

Good job! Congratulations.
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Re: Sam Nasty

Post by AtariCrypt »

I personally loved /tipped up for this game. Really well executed so plays brilliantly. Great idea plus cute sprites too!
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