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Re: R0X ZER0

Post by npomarede »

Eero Tamminen wrote:
npomarede wrote: The solution is in fact quite simple : emutos starts in 60 Hz, but the credits screen requires 50 Hz to work correctly (ie 512 cycles per line)
Most european TOS are starting in 50 Hz, so the credits screen is OK, but you would get the same error with a US TOS.
Thanks, I hadn't noticed that 512k version with the default multi-language setting used 60Hz. Hatari "info osheader" claimed it to use PAL instead of NTSC.

R0X Zero Credits screen works fine with e.g. UK variant of 256k EmuTOS, or if one uses EmuTOS tos-lang-change tool to change 512k EmuTOS default language e.g. to UK one:
https://github.com/emutos/emutos/blob/m ... g-change.c
For compatibility reason, I think EmuTOS should adapt 50/60Hz refresh rate depending on the selected language to replicate the original TOS behaviour.
As a broad fallback, all european languages could imply 50 Hz, while US language would imply 60 Hz.
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Re: R0X ZER0

Post by Eero Tamminen »

That's exactly what EmuTOS does.
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