Retro Gamer Mag: Need Some Help On ST Exclusives!

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Re: Retro Gamer Mag: Need Some Help On ST Exclusives!

Post by ggn »

Greyfox™ wrote:
sh3-rg wrote:"I have been asked to do an article for Retro Gamer magazine on Atari ST exclusives"... " I have been pushing for this article for a while now"... which is it?

Most journalists do their own research. If you need some jourlanism tips, there's some inspired tricks and tips linked below:
very Lame attitude tbh, the guys' only asking for some advice on something , and is trolled by a little man, that suffers from angry little man syndrome, you'd wanna grow up a little, or better still get back on that wedding cake you hopped off :roll:
Before passing judgment on someone and defending the other, how about doing your homework first (something which sh3 definitely has done)?
is 73 Falcon patched atari games enough ? ^^
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Re: Retro Gamer Mag: Need Some Help On ST Exclusives!

Post by christos »

StickHead wrote:@Sh3-rg do you not consider it good journalism to ask knowledgeable people when researching a topic?
It generally is. However this author has never let facts get in the way of his writting. All the relevant content can be found in Atariage forums, just look for threads by the_laird, especially one about spectrum games. I am an optimist and I believe people can change, however experience has taught me that they seldom do. Maybe we can get a proppa article.. oh wait...
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Re: Retro Gamer Mag: Need Some Help On ST Exclusives!

Post by nativ »

Marakatti wrote:
nativ wrote:Skull-Diggery" is only for ST: ... ame_id=274

wheres a download of that? mono too!
Ermm, what do you mean? It's on the list...
Wasn't available on Atari Legend

I found it ... 11234.html

there's no hyphen in the title in the atarimania db

I can use the Pasti software to write this back for a real atari can't I ?
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Re: Retro Gamer Mag: Need Some Help On ST Exclusives!

Post by sh3-rg »

Shame LGD is offline, you could take a look at all the ST games he's claimed to have written that were actually written by other people.

You could take a look at Atari Age as see all the Spectrum games he claimed to have written, that were written by other people or did not even exist.

Or the later time on Atari Age when he claimed to be writing Spectrum games in a blog that were in fact just type-ins from a 1980s book.

Or how about the articles he wrote for 'Atari User' that were direct cut-and-pastes of wikipedia articles?

Plagiarism is lazy. Asking genuine Atari fans to do your homework because you're too bone idle to put in any effort yet want to pretend to be a freelance writer, that comes barely above it on the Lamest Things You Can Do To Pretend To Be An Atari Kid list. You kids want to defend that kind of bullshit, knock yourselves out, go spend hours researching things for him so he can once again read his name in print... lame, lame, lame...
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Re: Retro Gamer Mag: Need Some Help On ST Exclusives!

Post by Retro Gamer Atari »

Some things never change.

The only thing in Atari User that has ever been copied from Wikipedia is the history of the arcade companies in the ST coin-op conversion articles and no secret has ever been made of that. Wiki is a good source of information and much it is copied and pasted from other sources. I have made many contributions to the site myself.

I havn't asked anyone to research anything for me I just was asking if anyone had a list of ST exclusives so I can go away and play the games to review them in a small part of a much larger article.

Anyway back to the subject matter, the response has been fantastic so I thank everyone for the suggestions they have given me. Looks like I have a lot of games to play!
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Re: Retro Gamer Mag: Need Some Help On ST Exclusives!

Post by remowilliams »

Good god if Retro Gamer is ever stupid enough to publish anything you 'wrote' I'll stop reading it and demand a refund plus compensation, you pathologically lying trouble making insanely delusional sack of crap.

a sampling of a few of 'mr kizza/lynxgod/The_Laird/jagfest_uk/Retro Gamer Atari' finest fibtacular moments... ... hp?t=12790 ... hp?t=31165
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Re: Retro Gamer Mag: Need Some Help On ST Exclusives!

Post by X3peri_MENTaL »

Marakatti wrote:I spent some four hours compiling a list for you. It's all hand picked so there might be errors so please don't take it as a definitive list but a good starting point
You've been busy Marco. :) I'll chime in and say that I'm not sure about Pengy. You know I always like to mention this game every 6 months or so as it's the first ever game I got for the ST. :mrgreen: I actually thought it was ST only also, but I recently came across it for the ZX Spectrum! Mere coincidence (both are clones of Pengo) or the same game? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......

ImageImage ... 10201.html ... id=0003652

BTW, I noticed the Pengy dump is on your Atarimania 'missing' list. A disk image made from my original was uploaded to these parts a few years back (it's unprotected so no pasti needed).

>RE ST exclusives
I'd start by looking for anything published by Atari themselves or releases made in the early ST years. Once the 16-bit explosion occured and the big labels took over (Ocean, Microprose, Virgin, Codemasters etc) most releases were multi-format.
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Re: Retro Gamer Mag: Need Some Help On ST Exclusives!

Post by Dal »

I appreciate people have a lot to say about Retro Gamer Atari / The_Laird / (mr) Kizza / Lynxgod / jagfest_uk / Kieren.

Like probably everyone else, I have been reading these threads on AA and WOS and he does appear to have a "colourful" past. Clearly he has not helped himself at all in times gone by and I completely understand why people (some of who are not regular posters here) have seen fit to point out some of his "dubious" claims to notoriety.

I think the point has been made and people can make up their own minds now whether or not they wish to help Kieren do his research for his article.

So I'm going to lock this thread before it turns into yet another public character assassination.
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