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Re: 4 Player Adapter

Post by 31336haxx0r »

Look at the links I posted above and you'll notice there's no need for testing: the ST and Amiga adapters are wired up different.
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Re: 4 Player Adapter

Post by krupkaj »

simonsunnyboy wrote:Are there differences about those 4 player adapters?

A few months ago, we tried one that works on the Amiga on my 1040STE with Gauntlet II. It did not work at all on the STE :(
Last weekend I build the adapter and it did not work with the STE for me too. The paralel port is certainly OK as I use the PARCP daily.
I will try the adapter with my STFM.

I have compared Amiga and ST versions and it differ in one wire. It uses pin 13 on the Amiga instead of pin 1 on Atari for fire button.
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Re: 4 Player Adapter

Post by Greenious »

31336haxx0r wrote:Take a look at the first link of this page: http://atari4ever.free.fr/hardware/others.html

It describes how to build such an adapter. What bugs me is that it uses pin 26 on a DB25 connector :roll: as well as the /STROBE line which is AFAIK output only.
Sorry for digging this old thread up... lol

Actually, all but one pin on the Atari printerport is connected to the PSG general I/O pins. What the strobe pin does on the parallell i/f is not important in this application. And the busy pin (11) on the parallell port goes to the MFP.

As others have noted, the atari/amiga variants differs slightly. Only one joystick works on both, joystick 4.

Joystick 3 firebutton is connected to parallell port pin 1 on atari, and pin 13 on amiga, and if you swap them, you should be able to convert between them.

Pin 18-25 on the parallell port is bound to ground on both machines, so that part should not be a problem. Attaching the pinout from DoItST archives.
atari joystick 4-player.png
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Re: 4 Player Adapter

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Serblander wrote:That's right (from what i remember of the reviews - never had an original nor copy). Also, as i understand it, you can use the STe's analog controller ports (with two Jag-pads connected) for the extra players if you wanted to - so 4 in total AND I BELIEVE you could also have 1 player use the keyboard - can anyone confirm this?!
Not exactly. The original Dynablaster cannot utilise STE gameports. But you are correct about the 5 of total players. Two on the standard ports, two on the LPT adapter and fifth on the keyboard.

The 4 player adapter is just a simple adapter that routes 2x DB9 joystick connectors directly to the LPT port connector.
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