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Re: Read about the Atari company history

Post by penguin »

Atari030 wrote:Sega got done for copying/using the 9 pin digital joystick ports. My understanding is Sega paid as a settlement.
No. Atari did not have a patent on that port, it predated Atari. If they had a patent, Atari wouldn't hesitate to sue almost anyone. There was no lawsuit against rival computer, console or peripheral manufacturers using that port. Sega paid because they infringed on a patent for scrolling and other arcade related patents.
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Re: Read about the Atari company history

Post by susher »

Remember that patents only last for 18 years after submission (EU) or granting (USA).

Some US patents get extended by actively adding amendments and postponing the granting of the patent.

So, any patents that Atari held will all have lapsed long ago.
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Re: Read about the Atari company history

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It was two way deal with Sega: Atari got rights to port some sega games to e. g. Jaguar....
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