Why didn't Atari ST take off in the USA?

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Re: Why didn't Atari ST take off in the USA?

Post by Desty »

Shredder11 wrote:I only ever upgrade through absolute necessity and my current Mitac Mio 168 Pocket PC released in 2003/4 that I bought in May 2005, is now struggling to run the latest TomTom maps (well v7 maps).
The ultimate frustrating testament to throwaway deviceism is when you buy something like a printer/router/GPS device, then 2 years later when you need to upgrade the firmware or download a new map or something, the damn thing isn't even listed on the manufacturer's website so you can't get any support for it, or you end up digging on their Taiwanese site for archives of the drivers.
Just no. If you release a device, don't take down the supporting webpages/files when you release a successor 6 months later!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
bid wrote:Pehaps the only 'product' that will save them, is a good dose of 'real life'!! You know, it occoured to me that "once we get to computing power that mimics 3D reality perfectly" and its just like real life, will kids just put down the VR and go for a walk or run in the park instead. Why simulate, if its just like for like? Its just as realistic as the game, and you dont need hardware. Will things come full circle?
There's a great play on this in a Simpsons episode from 1998:
% Moments later, Bart and Lisa are dressed in their yard-working clothes.
% They soon get to work. But shortly after, they're both back inside lazing about.

Marge: [proceeding to yard] Kids, I made some lemonade for you.
Bart: [from living room couch, off-screen] Sounds great.
Lisa: Bring it in here.
Marge: [realizes they're inside] What the...? What are you doing in
Bart: Work was hard, so we quit.
Marge: What?!
Lisa: Hard work made us quit.
Marge: I see. Well, then, no chores, no allowance.
Lisa: Okay. We get our room and board free anyways.
Homer: Ooh, ooh, I want to see Lobster Boy and Shrimp Girl!
Lisa: I want some fried sugar!
Bart: I want to go to the Yard Work Simulator.
Marge: But when I ask you to do yard work... [Marge sighs heavily]
tá'n poc ar buile!

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Re: Why didn't Atari ST take off in the USA?

Post by AtariFan »

That's what I call an interesting thread and discussion :thumbs:.

@bid + @ wood_jl: I totally agree with you.

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Re: Why didn't Atari ST take off in the USA?

Post by Kprince65 »


Amiga, IBM, Nintendo, Sega & turbo graphix 16

To top it off it was mostly European like the speccy. I didn't even hear about Spectrum or ST till around the mid nineties!

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