Atari Falcon screws

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Atari Falcon screws

Post by mikro »

Guys, I'm trying to 'backtrack' the right screws for the Falcon. The Service Guide is incomplete in this area (missing screw items numbers).

So far I've identified these item numbers:

(n/a): Philips Flat Head M3, 12mm (2x fan)
50: Pan Head M3, 8mm (6x upper shield)
80: Pan Head M3, 5mm (3x front shield, 4x PSU, 9x shield+speaker assembly)
150: Philips Pan Head 6-32, 1" (3x floppy)

What I'm missing is the case screws, it's those two:

XXX: Self Tap Pan Head M3, 10mm
YYY: Self Tap M3, 7mm

Items 220 (4x square holes) and 240 (3x round holes) - but I don't know which is which!

Can somebody with intact case check this out? Just unscrew one round hole and one square hole screw from Falcon case and measure it (and/or take a picture ;)).

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Re: Atari Falcon screws

Post by Atarieterno »

Our friend "the name-as-a-legion" is documenting with photographs everything that is installed in his Falcon, take advantage of it is open and tell him to make that photo you need: ... on_generic
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Re: Atari Falcon screws

Post by mikro »

Let’s start from scratch. The Atari Falcon030 Service Guide gives us this piece of information:

4 screws (220) from the square holes
3 screws (240) from the round holes
9 screws (80) holding the shield (160) and speaker assembly (170, 180, 190)
3 screws (150) in the round holes (floppy - 120) + standoffs (130)
4 screws (80) at corners of power supply (90)
3 screws (80) in the front of the shield/printed circuit board assembly
6 screws (50) in the upper shield from printed circuit board

Parts list:

PPH 6-32x1”

The ID of screws hadn’t been assigned in the parts list so we have to investigate. First let’s decode the screw description:

1. PHIL FLAT HD, M3X 12MML = Phillips flat head, M3 12mm
2. SELF TAP PAN HD 3*10 = Self tap pan head, (M)3 10mm
3. SELF TAP M3*7L = Self tap M3 7mm
4. PAN HEAD M3*5 = pan head, M3 5mm
5. PAN HEAD M3X8 = pan head, M3 8mm
6. PPH 6-32x1” = Phillips pan head, #6-32 1” (25.4mm)

Self tap means you can screw it into wood, plastic etc while the opposite is the ones you use for mechanical parts. Flat head and pan head is more or less self explanatory. That gives us some clues:

(1) There is only one place where flat heads are used, to hold the fan (2x)
(2) and (3) are obviously used for the case
(4) and (5) are obviously used for fhe shields and PSU
(6) There is only one place where such long screws are used and that’s the floppy drive (3x)

If you take a look at the upper case (with badge), you’ll see that the three holes closer to you are quite shallow in comparison to the four holes near the rear. So one can assume that (2) goes into the four holes and (3) into the three holes.

That leaves us six screws #50 for the upper shield and 16 screws #80 for the front shield, PSU and shield with speaker assembly.

We have identified three holes near the bottom, four holes near the rear and three holes on the right (for the floppy). Now we have the following left: three holes close to the bottom (above the already identified ones), PSU holes and hard disk holes (hard disk isn’t mentioned in the guide at all!).

Now it’s important to realise why there are 5mm and 8mm screws (which look quite similar). If you take the PCB, put it in the bottom case and try to tighten 8mm screws in the two most bottom holes, you will quickly realise you are going to damage the case (and many careless people have done it!). So this shows us the rule of thumb: if there isn’t a hole in the case, you must use 5mm screws, otherwise you risk damaging the case.

And that gives us the answer - #50 must be 5mm because all of the six screws holding the PCB and upper shield together do not have a hole in the case. The remaining screws (#80) must be 8mm.

Some observations:

- Falcon PSU is by no chance held by four screws. If you look closely, only two (bottom) holes of the PSU have a “bolt” to screw into - so only two screws are going to be used here. Why? Because the upper two are used for the plastic columns going from the top part of the case!

- Hard disk should be fine with using four #80 screws

- Many #80s do not really have to be 8mm, esp. those on the shield. You can use 5mm there.

So that gives us the final list:

n/a: 2x (you can also screw all four of them) Phillips flat head, M3 12mm
220: 4x Self tap pan head, M3 10mm
240: 3x Self tap M3 7mm
50: 6x pan head, M3 5mm
80: 16x (minus two for the PSU, plus four for the hard disk) pan head, M3 8mm
150: 3x Phillips pan head, #6-32 1” (25.4mm)

For better idea, here's a picture:
All the other screws on PCB are 50s, all the other screws (shields) are 80s.
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Re: Atari Falcon screws

Post by Bama »

Your work and sharing is ver much appreciated!!!
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Re: Atari Falcon screws

Post by PeterS »

Has anyone ever fitted threaded inserts and used proper screws instead of self-tappers ?
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