Falcon coming alive

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Falcon coming alive

Post by Desdyn »

I converted a pc power supply and got the falcon screen up and running. However, no drives are recognized, mouse is not responding. I can now change resolutions and desktop functions. Atari keyboard is recognized. No floppy access.

Not sure what would be causing this



Removed the falcon mother board from the falcon rack and found three things.
1. Large capacitor near the rf daughter board is black on one end
2. The resistor to the rf port is black
3. The small capacitor tied to the logic chip pin is lost its connection.

I can go through memory test and launch to desktop. But no drive access.
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Re: Falcon coming alive

Post by acsi »

Have you tried resetting the NVRAM? (left ALT + CONTROL + right SHIFT + UNDO on booting)

The mouse problem could be a broken solder joint on the 9 pin connector on the keyboard PCB (common fault)
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Re: Falcon coming alive

Post by Rustynutt »

Check the 5mhz clock to the ACIA
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