Cubase & Yamaha CBX-D5 Problems

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Cubase & Yamaha CBX-D5 Problems

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I have a problem that is driving me nuts!

I recently acquired a CBX-D5 and have been trying to get it to work with both my TT and Falcon. I have the proper version of cubase cbx, version 1.1 and a dongle, a 1 gig scsi drive and I followed the Yamaha directions for setting up the system. I'm using HDDriver 7.9.

Every time I load up cubase, it tells me it can't find the cbx and that maybe it's turned off. This happens on both computers. Cubase loads up and everything seems to be functioning, except no control over the cbx and it wont allow me to record audio. The Falcon can run CAF and record to the drive with no problems.

Can someone who has successfully ran cubase with a CBX-D5 hold my hand and step me through this? I feel that either I'm missing some step or my cbx is no good.

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Re: Cubase & Yamaha CBX-D5 Problems

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Might be worth a try Aug 29 2012 this was uploaded

he's using a PC, but it is working!
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Re: Cubase & Yamaha CBX-D5 Problems

Post by rian_ata »

Have a look at this thread here on the forum and try the version attached by Shredder11:

Re: Cubase & Yamaha CBX-D5 Problems

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check the driver .drv for it isnt xxx out etc ,, and it in the mros
if it cant find it a driver is missing
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