KarlM is a bit of a star

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KarlM is a bit of a star

Post by Muphex »

So a couple of years ago i posted something on here about having acquired a very underequipped falcon and was looking to make a hard disk bracket for the puppy. reading this KarlM actually went above and beyond the call and sent me a template to make my own bracket a load of memory modules and even a fully stacked hard drive fully installed with just about everything i could need. At the time didn't really understand what he had sent as i had to pack the falcon up and put it into storage as i was called away on short notice on business for a couple of years, I just wanted to say what a star Karl had been and that it was very very much appreciated as I have just booted everything up and seen what a good man you really had been :)
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Re: KarlM is a bit of a star

Post by karlm »

ssshh! be quiet! People might get the wrong idea and think that I like helping others out or something .... !
Hope it all worked ok!


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