Sensible Soccer Falcon Fix (by Vectronix)

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Retro freak
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Sensible Soccer Falcon Fix (by Vectronix)

Post by WuzZeH »

I'm struggling to get the above game working on my Falcon, below is what happens:

1. Load the PRG in TOS
2. Asked if I wish to create a RAM-DISK (what's one of these?)

If I say Yes, it then says it cannot find sensisble.wce, but the file is clearly on the disk.

If I say No, then the Vectronix page appears.

3. I press space
4. Then asked whether I wish to use my internal speaker.
5. I say Yes or No and then nothing, there appears to be Floppy Disk access and HD access, but nothing happens and the screen stays blank.

Has anyone tried this game on their Falcon? Am I going wrong somewhere? Does it require RGB?

I'm desperate to play this game! :)

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Post by lotek_style »

I guess thats it: it requires RGB. I don't know if Metallinos fixed it for VGA aswell.
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Sensible Soccer VGA working

Post by MacFalcon »


I am sure that it works with VGA... I never had such problem... Try the copy on atariforce... if this works, it shouldn´t be the VGA problem...


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