Has BadMood gone stale?

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Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
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Has BadMood gone stale?

Post by sety »


Does anyone know what's happening with BadMood? I know there are other alternatives. And if I really wanted to play Doom I could use a 486, an emulator or even my NeXT (if I want to play without sound or colour) but I really love BadMood. I love the intro graphics and the music. I also like the demo mode with all the Atari references and acknowledgements (which crashes with CT6 exactly when the demo player turns right of the Atari Logo) but I haven't heard anything since 2017.

I also can't play it because I can't invert the Y-Axis and there is still the shaking HUD bug with CT6 and I can't change it because the (buildable) sources for BM aren't available.

Does anyone know if it's coming back?

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Re: Has BadMood gone stale?

Post by Eero Tamminen »

I thought Douglas was eventually going to publish the modified sources, but he's apparently been busy with other things for quite a while. The sources were in his private Mercurial repository (I have an older checkout from time when I was profiling it with Hatari).

At least his BadMood page is still up: http://www.leonik.net/dml/sec_bm.py
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