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Re: Akai s2800 Sampler

Post by bid »

Old thread, but I need to share this amazing site with Akai Sampler info and downloads http://akai.mnx2010.nl

Also tonnes of Atari related software, and info on using samples with Atari + Softwares http://atari.mnx2010.nl/helpdesk/music/music.htm

Is there anyone that archives this type of thing, so that its not lost forever?
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Re: Akai s2800 Sampler

Post by Miguel »

I stumbled upon that site quite a while ago when looking around for Akai S2000 stuff and it's a good one. The S2000 really does benefit from software editing on account of that jog wheel and menu diving setup but for most of the other Akai samplers you can get to where you want to go easily enough via the keypad, that is to say you don't really need a software editor for doing the basic stuff you can do on the sampler itself, for example say you want to cut a loop, all you have to do is time the source material with a stopwatch, break out the calculator find your starting point and just punch in the correct numbers.....you don't have to wear out the jog wheel all day like you are cracking a safe or nudge loop points (and you point of reference!) around in software, in fact you should be faster than most people who use modern software let alone software on the Atari.

The benefits to using the software comes from the stuff that your sampler can't do, like applying effects processing for example and obviously a computer is also useful for transferring and storing samples etc but that is best done using a slightly more modern machine.
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