Octamed on Amiga = Same potential on STe?

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Octamed on Amiga = Same potential on STe?

Post by smoston »

Drum & Bass producer and DJ Aphrodite and also part of Urban Shakedown used two Amiga 1200's running OctaMED to create a range of his early hits such as "Dub Moods", "Summer Breeze", "King Of The Beats", joint productions with Micky Finn such as "Bad Ass" and the remix of 'The Jungle Brothers'-"True Blue" and also including his first Album, Aphrodite.

Drum & Bass producer DJ Zinc used OctaMED to create "Super Sharp Shooter"[1]

The hardcore techno/jungle producers Urban Shakedown used MED 3.0 running side by side on two separate Amiga 500s to create all of their early tunes including the 1992 British top 40 hit, 'Some Justice'.[2]

Early in his career Venetian Snares used various versions of OctaMED on both the Amiga and PC.

British drum & bass producer Paradox uses OctaMED in the studio and live on stage.[3]
The 2009 album "Amiga Railroad Adventures" by artist Legowelt was produced with OctaMED on an Amiga 1200.[4]

UK electronica producer Matt Barker, using the artist moniker Epicentre, learnt his trade on the Amiga and made the jump onto OctaMED for his first few tracks in the late 1990s.[5]
Welsh born group "Unleashed" produced an album "Gasshouse Guerillas" almost entirely on the Amiga using OctaMED[6]

Calvin Harris used OctaMED to produce the entirety of his first album, I Created Disco.[7]

Rob Haigh, better known as Drum & Bass producer Omni Trio, used OctaMED to produce his early singles "Mystic Stepper" and "Renegade Snares" as well as most of "Deepest Cut".[8]

Aye, just a Wikipedia copy and paste. Loads of good drum and bass has been done on Octamed. Being able to sync two Amigas together means 16 channels of sound. Surely an Atari STe can do that too! Octalyser already can do 8 tracks (so awesome).

Would it be difficult to add a delay effect with feedback control to every channel?

There are two options, having STe as a tracker that can make songs for demos and games, the other is as a professional studio setup. Even the most simple DSP fx would take up a lot of CPU.

Surely Delay wouldn't take up so much CPU though? The feedback part is the biggest hurdle.

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Re: Octamed on Amiga = Same potential on STe?

Post by iceman »

Have you seen ACE Tracker on the Falcon?
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Re: Octamed on Amiga = Same potential on STe?

Post by spiny »

or hextracker on the ST / STe :

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Re: Octamed on Amiga = Same potential on STe?

Post by shoggoth »

Afaik OctaMED properly does MIDI, which is kind of neat.
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Re: Octamed on Amiga = Same potential on STe?

Post by yerzmyey »

Hmmm. Spiny is right. The closest - or actually better in many ways (not all of them) - is HexTracker.

OctaMED in its 4-channels mode sounds like that:

But the same OctaMED in 8-channels mode has much worse sound quality and cannot _actually_ control volumes (You have to make more samples, with several degrees/levels of volume).

But still, You can use gigantic samples on OctaMED (like - 100Kb? More?), far bigger number of them, not only 32 or so, You can have patterns with different (any) length, and so on. And You have finetuning of the samples. (MOST required while making drums loops, but also in other cases too, of course).

On the other hand, on Atari STE You can get 8 channels with quality of 50kHz (!!!) and full separate volume control for each channel. You can also use Octalyser (while composing the quality is low, but when You finish - You play and record the song from the proper player and You have the 50kHz again).
it sounds like this https://soundcloud.com/yerzmyey/yerzmye ... st-machine

So finally I think it's up to You, what You wanna use and what hardware do You have.

PS: If You have an Atari from the ST series, You still can do a lot. HexTracker allows to make/play multichannel modules on the YM chip but with smaller quality. As for me, I usually make 6-channels song, that leaves me about 22kHz of quality:
https://soundcloud.com/yerzmyey/ym-digi ... us-a-cover

PS.2: And on the other hand, if You have some powerful monster with 16Mhz or 32Mhz of CPU, like Atari Falcon or Atari TT, You can have more HexTracker's channels with 50kHz quality. 16ch, I'd say, is a safe choice.
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