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Midi controllable softwares

Post by Marcer »


Today I have been struggle to rememer which softwares you can use by midi..
this means.. you can record a part/track in e.g. Cubase.. and then the software works proper with that.
good example is : Maxymiser.
Is there any other softwares you can use??

maybe Audio sculpture?
now im only intressed in tools which you can use Samples, Ym sounds or even soft-synths. for STe/Falcon

please help me out here.

ps. Midi sequencers are not allowed here haha.. as the only two worth meantin is Cubase and Creator/notator/logic series.
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Re: Midi controllable softwares

Post by d0us »

kinda been my golden grail breh ;)

*Audiosculpture has some funky midy matrix thingy where individual midi channels can be mapped to different sounds drum module style.
Miggy mog I believe is the man to ask about that.

* I was soo happy when I finally got the manual for audiosculpture (thanks again M.U.G UK) as I thought FINALLY.. a tracker with midi out!! So I could have one st with audiotracker and the other one running maximiser....but not to be...audiotracker can only do midi OR samples...not both :( Therefore I'm forced to run stinky octamed on my amiga to drive or sync with maxymiser :(. (I was using graomf tracker on my falcon as that has midi sync but it's too precious to rock that one on the road so hard!!)

*You already know about that 8 channel prog EPPS (?) that plays back midi tracks using samples.

*The last version of Musicmon's 3 channels can be played by midi, and you can chain 3 STs for 9 channels: It even accepts midi program change!!!! (I wish ACE MIDI would do that!).

*I saw someone create an awesome racket using an old pre-lsdj gameboy synth: everything was midi controlled from his midi box...noise generator / attack/ pulse..EVERYTHING. I thought I'd be able to do the same with electronic cow's chip synth..but no...couldn't in realtime :(

So it looks like maximiser is the only app that you can change the YM noise generator in realtime via midi.

*I would be interested in trying out TCB tracker's fabled midi sync.

That's all I can think of,

unless you want to count breakthru (even though it is a midi sequencer it is also a mod player)
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Re: Midi controllable softwares

Post by MiggyMog »

Quartet has midi in too, but only to one destination voice if I remember correctly.

Audio sculpture is a bit more flexible for midi in as covered in the other thread which has the screenshots of the matrix etc (http://atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f= ... di#p127765).

As Muggy has now uploaded the manual up for audio sculpture, this would be the best place to look.
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