How do I install SCSI HDD with ICD on 1040 STFM

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How do I install SCSI HDD with ICD on 1040 STFM

Post by harleysr »

I used this drive with another 1040 I had years ago. It runs fine. I even hooked it up to my XP machine and it identified the drive, so I know it's communicating.
I have the ICD disks that came with it but am having trouble with running the apps (see my other post today).

I seem to recall the installation is fairly simple, but it's been years. Can someone give me some background on this?
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Post by bripilot »

If I remember right, you just need to run ICDBOOT.PRG and that should load the drive and assign it drive numbers. I'll check this evening if I can get some time and let you know for sure.
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