the internal difference between the 520 and 1040 STe?

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rat tisa
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the internal difference between the 520 and 1040 STe?

Post by rat tisa »

I have the option to buy a 520 STe but would have prefered a 1040, as far as upgrading goes would I be worse off getting the 520 if I wanted to up the megs past 1 meg?

Can a 520 become a 1040 without any add ons so only the 520 sticker is all that remains as the original 520?

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Post by Greenious »

The only difference between a 520 ST(E) and a 1040 ST(E) is the sticker on front, and how much memory that was shipped with it from factory. (512kb in 520, 1024kb in 1040)

But since STE is extremely easy to upgrade, using standard 30 pin simms, the difference is of no importance what-so-ever.

Had it been a bog standard STFM though, the memory difference would have been more of a problem, since it is a lot harder to upgrade, and even if you found an upgrade, you'd still also have to solder.
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