What is this.... ????

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What is this.... ????

Post by MegaMan »

Hi Everybody,

I found this inside my Atari 520ST computer. Does anyone know what it is and what it does? Can anyone draw me the circuit? Thanks :D

I could not attach the picture. I keep getting the following error:

Could not login to FTP Server. The Username 'legend' or the Password is wrong. Please check your FTP-Settings.
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Post by bripilot »

And once again we'd like to welcome the village idiot, DoomMaster... He's been banned on DoomMaster, he's been banned as RetroGeek... now he's back for a third try as the infamous already MegaMan...

Dude... you have some serious problems... I strongly suggest therapy or better yet, look up Mental Institution in the dictionary...

If anyone doubts me, please look at his posts and notice the idiot once again has posted all sorts of replys defending DoomMaster and saying how great a chap he is...

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Post by aktiv8 »

[sarcasm] Oh the joys of it all! [/end sarcasm]

Reading those other posts make me laugh - "Got given an ST for payment for a small job... I know its a 1040 model... Think it has 1 meg memory" :P
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Post by simbo »

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