GOEX for ST in the making

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Re: GOEX for ST in the making

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MiggyMog wrote: Tue Jul 28, 2020 3:01 pm Were you maybe planning to open source pasti so that the flashfloppy firmware could support the format Ijor? This along with support for MSA would be awesome ( sources for that are out there which it maybe an idea to ask Keir to support?).
The Pasti format is not really suitable for these devices that work at the flux transition level, not at real time. You would need way much more processing power to be able to perform the required conversion at real time.

MSA format has the same problem because it is compressed. The compression is quite simple but still might be difficult to process in real time for a processor like this one. I don't know, it might be feasible though. I don't mind at all contributing my MSA routines, but they are not really optimized for embedded systems with small amounts of memory, and I believe MSA sources are available out there anyway.

PS: Please let's not get too much off topic. It wouldn't be fair for Centurion. I recommend opening a new thread if you want to follow up.
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