Megafile 30 dead?

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Megafile 30 dead?

Post by tol »

I have used the ST a lot in former years. Now I wanted to restart with some newly bough hardware. But I do not get access to the Megafile 30.

I turn on the Megafile 30, the HDD spins up making some noise with dim orange LED. Then it makes access sounds for a second with the LED on, the LED turns off afterwards. Sounds and looks familiar to me - as far as I remember.

When I turn on the STE (good DMA chip, also tried a STF) the HDD makes another short sound with the LED flickering. But AHDI 6.061 in the auto folder returns:
Unit 0 - Identification unavailable

Also tried HDX to get access to the HDD. The format option only shows "Unit 0" active. But then it gives an error:
The physical unit you have selected does not exist.
All other options do not show a unit at all.

Any ideas what can be wrong here?
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Re: Megafile 30 dead?

Post by Robber »

Perhaps park/unpark?
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Re: Megafile 30 dead?

Post by tzok »

Drive should unpark automatically when is accessed.

Try with ICD tools.
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