Atari 1040 STE screen troubleshooting

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Atari 1040 STE screen troubleshooting

Post by ZeroG1972 »


I recently encountered the following problem with my Atari 1040 STE (TOS 1.62 - CA4003290): 30 seconds after startup, when the desktop was displayed correctly, the image gradually blurs and the screen goes blank.

I performed the following tests: changing the SCART cable, changing the screen (SC1425 -> SM124), replacing the power supply, without success.
I examined the motherboard: no capacitor seems damaged, no tracks cut.

Here is the video of the problem:

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: Atari 1040 STE screen troubleshooting

Post by Arne »

Partial overheating?
Looks indeed strange. I'd suggest to use an oscilloscope and check all clocks starting with 32MHz and don't forget HSYNC/VSYNC.
Other option could be to use ice spray on small locations only and see if the display comes back to normal.
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