Testing memory upgrade on STe

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Testing memory upgrade on STe

Post by JamesP »

Hi there,

This is my first post, I'm amazed there seem to be so many recent posts here.

I love my Atari STe - my second, the last one went very flakey after I moved house, I tried fixing it many times - 4inch drop fix, then taking it apart many times.

Anyway, it really had stopped working, so it got thrown away - should have kept it for spares - silly boy!!! If only I'd known about this forum then, I might have been able to fix it.

So, a few months ago I bought a replacement STe on ebay, and just last week some 4meg upgrade simms from a guy in Germany (only 4 euros, postage included!). I'm going to install them, I've read all the stuff about earthing yourself etc...

My question is :
How do I really test the memory - how do I see it's working and that I have the full 4 meg available to me?

Also, I have Cubase 3.0 for Atari STe, does anyone know where I can get the special 'no-dongle' Cubase 3.1?

Many thanks!

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Post by jens »

There are moduls for the xcontrol.acc that show the amount of free ram.

And for Cubase: I think that Cubase 3.1 works with the 3.0 dongle. So, if you already have a legal version it's no problems to use it. Think I heard you can download the program directly from Steinberg.
Greetings, Jens

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