SC 1224 issue - out of sync picture

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SC 1224 issue - out of sync picture

Post by Chandler »

Recently picked up an SC 1224 which did work when i first switched it on

Since then i switched it on the 2nd time around the picture won't sync

Basically i switch on the SC 1224 and then the Atari, as i switch on the Atari the SC 1224 has a white screen just as it is about to boot to TOS, so all normal

Then as soon as the floppy LED illuminates on the ST the SC 1224 screen goes out of sync

I have tried adjusting the vertical and horizontal hold pots on the rear of the SC 1224 but no joy

I can see the glow at the rear of the tube and i hear the "static" from the tube when powered on and off so i don't think it could be the LOPT

Has anyone got any ideas? :)
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