Current purchasable USB Keyboard to Mega STe options

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Re: Current purchasable USB Keyboard to Mega STe options

Post by spidi »

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Re: Current purchasable USB Keyboard to Mega STe options

Post by simonsunnyboy »

Before getting too excited, this product only connects USB mice and joysticks to the ST NOT keyboards.
The device understands USB and services the 9-pin digital ports or the 2 analogue inputs for the mouse. The ST is totally unaware of USB here.

The device shown plugs into the joystick or mouse port. It is impossible to route USB keyboard data to the ST to mimick the ST keyboard in this way, atleast not without modifying of the ST keyboard PCB.
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Re: Current purchasable USB Keyboard to Mega STe options

Post by Fujiyama »

That's the Rys Mk II demonstrated in that video, isn't it? Then there must be a mistake in the specs as it clearly says support for USB/HID and USB/PS2 keyboards.

While using the ST mouse/joystick port makes sense for those wanting to use a USB mouse or joystick it's not of much help to those of us who are into replacing the existing ST keyboard with a USB type.
But using the internal (on the ST motherboard) keyboard connector should allow for this, as already discussed using a Raspberry Pi Zero board. But literally being a computer on its own I would like to avoid that route.
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Re: Current purchasable USB Keyboard to Mega STe options

Post by PeterS »

I think atari and amiga mouse are quite similar, the mouse on my ST has a switch to swap between the two standards, I think it just reverses a couple of wires in the the plug.

I found an arduino project for connecting a ps2 keyboard to a usb computer and wondered if this could be done in reverse to connect usb keyboards to ps2 computers. I think the arduino would have to be the usb host.

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