Faulty Atari ST Disk Drive?

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Faulty Atari ST Disk Drive?

Post by Valkyrie »

Hi everyone,

Me again. (You'll remember me always as that pesky girl with the stupid questions)

ST won't load disks in the drive. I get the error that there is no disk in the drive, please try again. (Or similar, my TOS is all in Spanish)

If I put a disk in when I boot, GEM appears more quickly as it did when the ST worked properly. So I think it knows the drive is there. All connections from DD to MB seem nice and tight.

I have made a little movie so any of you nice people who want to take a listen to the strange noises made by my DD can watch it.

http://www.gibnet.gi/~keira/atari-dd.zip (It's an AVI)

I just need to know if it is dead, could I go ahead and buy an external DD, or do you recommend a new internal drive? Or maybe I can get this one repaired by sending it to somebody?

Thanks for your excellent help with my last problem, I hope you don't mind helping me again :oops:

:) Valkyrie
/|\ Atari 520STE (upgraded to 1040)

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Post by tjlazer »

You can use a 3.5" disk cleaner if you have one to clean the heads. If that doesn't work i'm afraid the drive is TU. But there is good news...
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Ok seriously good news, you can use a PC HD drive! Just get one with a DS0/DS1 jumper and set it from DS1 to DS0, and hook it up. You may have to swap the ribbon cable around. It will of course be running at 720k mode as you need a lot extras added to have it work at 1.44MB.

Or since you have used eBay, get a direct replacement drive, a Epson SMD 380? Whats the model on yours? This way you can install the top case without modification.

Hope this helps...

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Post by Gryzor »

Well, the drive sounds dead alright. I guess that the controller dying is not that common. I *do* take it the same happens with every disk?

Just go on eBay and get a replacement indeed. I'd suggest also trying at ebay.de, since there are tons of Atari spares and systems there...

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Post by manicx »

Don't use those FDD cleaners! One of them destroyed my FDD a few years ago. If you feel confident with opening the ST do this:

-Open the ST
-Get the floppy out
-Open the Floppy case (pretty easy)
-Use a air duster spray to clean the floppy. It will probably have so much crap in it.

Now, I can tell you what I did with my broken FDD back then. I was given an external ST FDD for free. I cut the case carefully and used the main FDD mechanism internally. Worked like a dream. It will be a bit difficult to find an internal FDD today...


Post by simbo »

i placed a whole faq on disk drive rejuventation

what i think is you have a bad header on the board
if the drive is clean and alligned but dosnt autoboot
this sounds like the starting sectors arent been found

read the faq i wrote {print it out}
and then youll see how to see at a glance how to realign the drive and fix it

it will work
but i have had this problem many times
and it turns out as a jamed switch {near the front of the floppy drive on the left of it youll see two or three switches }

also the head allignment
and dust

so many times its the header cable {connects the atari to the floppy }
a job to replace
youll need a few tools for soldering a steady hand and the faq {top of forum}

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