Atari 2600 Probs

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Atari 2600 Probs

Post by TheMuffinMan »

Just got an old Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer from a friend, and well it's from 1980 and doesnt seem to want to work. I've got everything plugged up but absolutely no response from my tv, I've got a Panasonic and i've tried it going to both the VCR and straight to it. Any help would be great. IM me or Email also would work Thanks in advance.

Thank god for google :lol:
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Post by simbo »

hi there

sounds like a 2600

now a few things

you need to check inside it
take off the bottom and look for a bad connection on the psu plug

i beleve the 2600 is a game console

Input: 120VAC 60Hz
Output: 9VDC 500mA ,,,<<<<<check your psu with a volt meter
Polarity: Center +, Outer -

European 2600
PART NO.:CO 18084-319
INPUT: AC 240 V#50Hz 9W
OUTPUT: DC 9V 500 mA ,,,<<<<<check your psu with a volt meter
BS415 [Polarity C+, O- diagram]
XEP 80 OR SX212

if the psu dosnt output
then dont throw it away they have a fuse inside

some type's have a small fuse thermal type hidden in the windings of the transformer

you can see it easy this way

inside a normal psu box the transformer has say 3 pins for the 240v supply {primary winding}

usualy the two outer pins are the ac 240v
sometimes you will notice a third unused pin that connects to nowhere

this is a dumb post for the thermal windings fuse
actualy inside the transformer a little way under the tape
with care you can first take the transformer out or if the pin protrudes
you can short it over using some copper wire

and cut and desolder it as needed and simply then bridge it out
be carefull to connect the right pins

how you will know is the two outer pins {where the ac normaly connects } will be open circuit
the center pin will show continuity {multimeter beep range} to only one of the outer pins

to you connect it to the one it dosnt show continuity too
usualy if the designer did his job right
the pin that is open will be the live rail

so basicaly your shorting the fuse not the winding {or it will go pop}

as its not needed if your more carefull not to leave it buring away too long {like 24/7}

then it wont get too hot

back to the console

if you have 9v dc as it expects then unplug all and remove the bottom

carefully examine the underside of the pcb where the power plug's in
you will notice some wear on the connections and connections that are broken resolder these

if this part is ok

then look at the power slider switch
it may have wear {last time i had this i placed a blob of silver solder on the bad pad on the pcb
{it has a sliding switch on a pcb with some etched track contacts } so a little silver solder is best and re "tin" them {this works for edge connectors also }

appart from this ... 2600#specs

here is some hardware faq's and ideas

its a big topic {little smaller than ste etc}
but none the less if you still have issues

let me know and ill try to help in RT over a chat engine
maybe webcam if needed

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