Atari 2600 plays in B&W only ???? :-(

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Atari 2600 plays in B&W only ???? :-(

Post by zapper »

Hi all,
Sorry if im invading with an ot post!
I recently bought an atari 2600 jnr (pal) from a large online auction site!
Trouble is it only plays in black and white, i've tuned it into 2 tv sets but still the same output.
Does n e 1 know if this is a common fault or a repairable one?
I opened it up and there is nothing loose inside.
Cheers in advance.
Lee :oops:
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AtariAge forum was a better place to have a answser to your question

Post by simbo »

you can simply replace the modulator box inside the unit

it is a silver can about 2.5" by 1.5 "

it contains the colour modulator for pal
and sounds damaged

so it has 6 pins 3 for video 1 for sound 1 for power and 1 for ground

so you simply go to the local maplin and buy a sutible one taking the older one out using a single or two irons and a pal using a desolder tools
and take it with you

i think the pal modulator chip has developed a fault
or its local oscilator has drifted badly

another thing that can cause this
is the main xtal clock or the cartriges own resonator oscillator block
has atomic drift this is normal for age
with xtals you just need to stick a new one in from a standard list
CPU: 6507
RAM: 128 Bytes, in VLSI
ROM: 4K max
Cpu Clock: 1.19 MHz <<< this is a common freq of xtal
Graphics Clock: 1.19 MHz
Slot Config: Rom access only
CPU Avail: less than 50%

so one costs about £1.50 if you cant get it in maplin you can find one in RS

if indeed and i cant remember does the xtal have an adjuster cap beside it

if so you can use a frequency counter to retune it {most multimeters now allow this feature} or you can ask the local tv or radio RF guy for a shot of his counter for a second

you may find someone has beeten you too the pot that is also inside the modulator

there are a few adjusters
so perhaps someone has twiddled with one

so good luck and happy 2600... for sure
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