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no worries
i just like to upgrade and not downgrade in the process

ill try to draw down the schematics from atari japan
im sure they are still a company ill check it out later tonight

still waiting for ics from ebay i have something arrived via fedex
think its the OTP proms for tos plcc 4096CC


Post by Guest » ... 2749.l2754
watch out for this seller on ebay he sells components not fit to description
i expected 27C4096 -10
i got 27C1024-10 totally feking useless
and this guy knows what he is sending!!!!
no excuse
i would bad mouth him in circles stop others getting ripped off...
dont use him
or follow this advert on ebay
another irish twat!!! fuuuuuuuuukjkjkj0iewL/KHfwelh /irewo[t22/p;o;
grree so pissed off
sets me back at least two weeks on stuff
:contract: :contract: :contract: ... EBIDX%3AIT
i will simply get calm and foward the chips to my cousin and they will 'return' them too him
who stay local too them then they can go fit them far up where the sun will start to shine
bad mouth no wonder
his details are

John Rooney
Johnstown Road
default Rathdowney, Laois

Phone:050546228 use 0035350546228 from the uk phone him and give him grief also { added to world wide email hammer...}
soooooo pissed off!!!! omfg :cheers:

lucky i had one for jvas machine
its ready too send tomorrow thank the big man....

and im so pissed off i may well visit my cousins and go fit them myself!!!
just because im scottish with a non scottish surname
doesnt make my family any less than the woods and youngs!!!
god help him...

as i said dont use him EVER !!!!

to date in the last few weeks three bad press for him on ebay feedback seems they are slipping
all i wanted was 10 ic's and his feedback since i ordered has plumited
its not this hard it does me in because they arrived in a fedex bag with a jiffy inside inside this was the wrong ics
inside a metal bag inside chip carriers a jiffy and chip carries is fine
but fedex... no!!!!

a fly man i will fix!!!! in the manly way...

?? why put the chips in a jiffy unless you expect them to bounce
then refuse to refund etc etc wait wait for ebay
na i dont wait i just get on a plane.....

so i will make sure i use the jiffy as a supository glove... to protect the ic.s
now i need to find another seller and invest
im not unhappy too get nice ics but pissed off they are not the correct ones i need
and payed for
this is funds i could do with to place in the pot for the magnum pcb;s
i will add every single other world wide seller i used for the magnum TT stuff came through perfect

why then one irish vanker thinks he can pull a fly one ... eeeeeeeeeeeekeekekke

fuekl fek grr not happy.. at all :evil:

else to say i will return the ics but not via ebay

and i will get more than a full refund and mr ronney will get a filling refund for sure... and at full price

nice after 5 mins digging ive found his local ntl {virgin}UBR so its goodnight too his connection
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Post by Robson »

Hehe, I just checked because i followed your link earlier. And yes I received the 1M ones as well but he was cool with the answer:
Hi Robert,
I just made the same mistake with another customer please accept my apologies. Keep what you have and I will send out the correct ones in the morning if that is acceptable to you. Again my apologies.


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I very good
i dont beleve it
take a pic when they arrive
perhaps you can foward the 1024's too me
you cant mistake 1024 for 4096 its impossible
yeyeyeye and do it twice in one sitting ?? from the wrong bin na.... never happens
or he needs a woman in charge...
he is a chancer..... but i basically live in ireland all my family on my mothers side are from there.
i would post him this URL see what he says too me....???

im just starting to clam down ..... he better come clean or i wont reverse the feedback
and ill claim back the cash and 'send' his chips back

1} why fedex royal mail is cheeper ??? fedex from ireland is about 15 euros where royal mail from ireland is about £4 euro 6 max
2} why a fedex bag a jiffy a foil bag and chip carriers {both the fedex bag the jiffy bag and the metalised bag and!!! the chip carriers
are all anti static why so many bags???
3} i dont want to pay for fedex americans when royal mail is cheeper and more reliable for delivery

so many whys and very little why nots
im so pissed off
he better send me 20 for another 10 euros inc post...
i just need results not excuses... he wants to sell the right things then no excuses
if i send something as done i dont also send excuses.. or expect issues
and would expect bad press..
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Post by Robson »

I'll forward these 1024s to you , I don't need them.

Let's just change the subject and focus on these beauties we've got. :cheers:
//Thanks for the notice though, I checked only because of your post since I had no time for them yet.
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sorry will take a few more time till i can flash up some ics

still waiting for the smd ic's i need from HK because not even farnell had the buffers on smd

... it gets too much... recently :roll:
i need a holiday.. :|

i wouldnt be so pissed off but i took a day off work to make sure i was in .... :megaphone:

ps dont send me any 1024 ics

ill send them back in my own way too him
so he cant mistake the bin again


Post by Guest »

im off too the pub


oh ye and if i hadent phoned him first what replay would you have gotten???

he is double talking you ... for sure ? have you never listened to a limeric???
he says oh ill send them keep what youve got

hahahahahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

thats an old one :contract:

he will peddle along till your reclaim time runs out

raise an action anyway and reverse the payment.... is my advice

once you get your cash back send his ics too me
and ill make sure i deposit them at the same time

from now on ill use the far east for ic's may take longer but the guys there send what they say
and are honest .... never a problem with the chinese
and so far in the last three months 4 problems on ebay from the irish
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Post by Robson »

Ok, read that you might want them.

Don't wind yourself up on what if's, that's all I'm saying mate. Let others die in heart attack. We need you here Simbo.


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im just disappointed thats all i expect more from the irish
they are turning into the greeks... or turks.. where it comes to ebay.. transactions
and there 'adverts'

its not a joke
its real cash i could have used for other things..
ordered 3 ics to suit and had £30 more in the kitty
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Post by alexh »

I always buy my EPROMs from :

Must have bought 1000+ over the years.

All parts are recycled but guaranteed. I've only had one fail to program and they sent me 10 replacements. They never screw up your order. Delivery from HK is about 7 days (Max). If you need a speed grade not listed, or prefer a manufacturer not listed, just ask and if they can get them they will. And not charge more!

If you're unscrupulous, should you ask they will even write 'gift' on the import form so you can get double the amount you should be able per package without paying VAT ;-)
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no worries alex stuff from HK isnt taxed ... tax exempt ... im sure
not so sure about vat but there is no import tax i think its a $500 limit or used to be ill need to check again soon

i know that supplier ... very handy HK suppliers for sure you can get just about any atari custom ics also
but you need to purchase 100 lots at a time
and ill be dealing with them and not the irish to be sure... to be sure

i found these eproms 27C4096ACC -10 as NOS
yes eproms much better...

looking at stuff carefully i realised many years ago most people who get cheep programmer wont be able to use them reliably
i have
stag duplicator {will work with anything and is bullet proof built like a tank}
willem {heavily modified} {or it wont work properly}
the minipro TL866 is a nice programmer and will work with a 'few' eproms

but isnt reliable as it totally just like many programmers around even really expensive ones
they all fail to rise VCC to 6.5v while programming they will allow vdd to rise to 6.25v even the VDD should be 6.5v
so they are just toys

the reason i got eproms is i dont want any fails OTP esp chips that are ages old
take a good setup to program them
also the TL866 even the willems around and many other usb ones {unmodified willem and dual power willem clones}

fail to varify and blank check at 4.5v {even the tl866 says it can has a menu but reading it with a meter it doesnt}
so you never know if they actually properly blank or not or programmed properly too allow reading the chip at 4.5v as they should do
so i get sick of OTP and crap programmer that just dont cut the mustard where eproms are concerned
i also have a really expensive in its day stag programmer / duplicator
will do 10 at a time from serial rs232 or from a chip
takes about no time 5 mins .... to do 10
plug the master chip in and 10 others press copy done... at the right voltages

i got the eproms from HK for 5$ a piece and 4$ postage
a tiny bit more than the irish guy but heeps better ... 338fd64511

there is 2 left just now but the guy says he will ebay more later this week once he sells this batch,,,
or you can ask him for a bigger amount if needed and he will private sell them.... :roll: still peaved off at that guy

robson the resale value of the 1024 type is about the same as 4096 types
so i am going to ebay them later this week as a batch of 10 for 10 they go for about £40 + postage
how many did you get
i can add them into the batch and return you some cash
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Post by alexh »

simbo2 wrote:no worries alex stuff from HK isnt taxed ... tax exempt ...
Thats not true so take care. Importing microchips from HK to UK the first £15 (including postage) is VAT exempt, that increases to £36 if the parcel is marked 'gift'.

If you've imported goods marked worth above £15 and not been charged you've been lucky. Non of your parcels were checked.

If they had been, you would have been charged VAT (20%) on the total goods price (written on the custom form) and the postage. :-(


Post by Guest »

i see
the rule have changed since we gave it back to the chinese
never used to pay any tax ...

oh well lets hope my package of eproms slips under the wire... :P


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i take it all back fully
john rooney is a nice guy for sure ... -- ... after a chat
he is sending me 10 27C4096CC OTP as advert
so i need to eat humble pie
sometimes you need to know right from wrong
:oops: time will tell
so robson send him the chips back as i have also done
then he can make his dow....
:cheers: ill reverse the feedback i gave him

and !!! we have a new pal with chips to suite local .. no tax... !! perhaps he has many ic's ask him.... nice one!!! :contract:

so i also i will have some nice eproms in a week or two for experiments with tos and reflash
every dark cloud has a silver lining

for those who want them??? like corrected CRC for mods too tos just do the mods too tos and
rip from ram byte swap and reflash with mods done correct the crc Dword as needed... in the tos rip image
done all in atari tos simply use a twine to remove the chip no need of a plcc puller
just find the Dword in export and correct it on rip ....

falcon mods in tos etc... make the mods to tos rip it byte swap reflash check crc if needed .... to an erased eprom??
once tos loads the eprom is ignored so can be hot unplugged and erased and fitted back call a reset then the new tos boots
who needs flash tos when you can just unplug it at the right time
so who wants eprom flash of tos 2.08 changable or OTP ??? fixed to state i extended the socket from below the the falcon
ill find where in tos near the end the CRC word lives ill look over ,easy too find and change...
then i can just crc check the updated image for acsi boot change etc its bytes and get crc check free tos with mods...??
:arrow: 8)
and they all lived happily after


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Robson wrote:I'd also be interested in a genuine PSU or at least a better one than I have at the moment.

what ??? you just supply via the dummy bat pack up to 17 volts DC from a laptop supply

bradly koda im sure has stocks of blank bat pack shells
its no matter remove the cells add three flat pack 5v lithium cells gives 15.999999~ volts
easy to charge them and supply at the same time
via the bat pack

to break the shells open use a chissel wide place it then one tap along the seal lines will break the bottom from the top :contract:
their is really no need for the power socket plug its hard to find and reach
ill look at yours robson tonight left it too last

i think know you just need a path that also charges modern cells
3 X 5.3 volt lithium flat packs fits easy inside the old case with plenty of room for a cell charger {16V }
via the laptop all the time supply

an the internal ram still holds too state with 1MB psudo sram

i dont know i have yours here not looked at it prob was the problem ...???

tell me i know you just want it back working so no probs the caps needed attention

the pcb does !!! boot the lcd has a bad buffer thats all
so dinny fret !! :cheers:

few days then i have the buffers ..for the delicate lcd...

dont ever let an arse hole near your prized chum !!!! is the rule here


Post by Guest »

but get a shell anyway ??? fill it with the modern cells
no need for the power socket if you dont want too use it or cant find the plug ?? :?: :idea: is to ask dal as above for the details
ill fill the bat pack with three flat pack 5.3~ lithium cells and socket it and send it
with three 5.3 volts 15.999~v ie 16 volts lithium fitted fit it will cells and sockets too spec
the point is always upgrade !!
look here !! its simple advertise for parts....!!!
this is a forum !!! the best one on the planet!!!
get used too it
parts are parts

surrender them now.. for cash or repair...

empty style stbook bat packs are needed for books...
send them too me if they are full and ill empty them and its that simple an advert ...
ill add lithium cells 3X5.3v and a charger pcb and two sockets charge only and power on and charge ...
its an upgrade for sure....
what does best usa do he fills them with old tech poo cells and not fit too needed upgrade... ... 16#p277390

the original psu is a pheong model PSA-4642A
it takes any mains 120 -250v
and spits out
16V :@ 1.25 amps dc supply
and battery charge for NICADS at 12v 1A {current limit circuit } 12v
constant current ie direct supply you can use a lead acid cell or an alarm battery
an alarm battery is a constant current nimh and lithium are current limit
so look for a charge pcb via ebay 12v lithium cell charger pcb from 16 volts etc
if you dont ask you dont get:: :cheers:
so back too why too try to emulate it ?? when you can supply an old cell case with 16 volts anyway
just use 16V dc laptop supply @ 3 amp
and a simple 12v lithium pcb charge etc pcb on ebay is £2 solar cells type works too charge lithium 16v three pack


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as far as i see this is the only indepth topic to talk indepth about stbooks
already we now know rev5 needs upgraded to v7 pcb to fit the correct psudo sram chips with no hardware mods
the legends on the board are 1MB rev 5 and 1/4Mb rev 7 pcb
to be able to address 4 MB that retain on sleep or bat etc power fail
fit also a better ML2032 cell twice the capacity ...

dram we know is easy from the hack rev 5??... above done and dirty
but doesnt retain even a fart and is armageddon on the chip set 7 ics removed??? na na na... no..!
it looks like one chip added and one gate altered and the ras cas 1 etc broken out via a res pack {6 pin smd }
to rev 5 to 7 is the task in hand :twisted:
its not out of reach to upgrade in the right way rev to 7 the schematics we have :contract:
the first real laptop 16/32 was the st book 1 or 4 MB it matters not to other than cubase or sample memory perhaps alt ram and ide from the side port from alanh etc why 4MB im not sure it will ever be used ??
its more about using it as a 1MB machine working ...!!! :cheers: ehhh new capacitors ....!!!
all pcb mainboards are fine its the thru plated holes on the lcd buffer and clocks panel pcb it goes wrong
I asked buddha and he sits there looking at me and he said to add
i bet some tight ass Anal retentive jap is sitting there laughting at us,,,??? :| and saying im in atari... my brother hard to beet i miss him
i bet
dont get me wrong its the best atari STX every designed by far.... 1MB rev 5 perhaps 6 or 4MB rev 7
so please moshi moshi give us rev 5 schematics please Ii tomodachi

i can sing you a song if it helps...???

otp roms for falcon and book or use of as 16 bit even ste ... EBIDX%3AIT

eproms ... 338fd64511

so... you roll up your sleves and ask for parts from all please....

wanted or for sale even rev 5 schematics... ... 16#p277390
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Post by SteveBagley »

Simbo, have you seen this interview with Tracy Hall from 1992 before? There's some interesting comments on the ST Book's memory and power saving features that might be useful for you.
Tracy Hall wrote: I did things to save five milliamps here and three percent there; for example, we used a new RAM-refresh scheme to save power. Only one pair of RAM chips is fully turned on at any one time, whereas the STe turns on all of RAM at once and refreshes it.

We used pseudo-static RAM, because it saved about ten percent over dynamic RAM and used the least power for its density. Given the battery life we wanted, that was significant.


TH: There will be both one megabyte and four megabyte machines available; they are not easily upgradeable. The special power-saving memory refresh uses video access to refresh the RAM. In ST Book, one access to the screen accesses all the chips. That scheme is intimately tied to the size of memory, so you actually have to change control circuitry to change memory size.
The schematics and Atari's technical/service manual for the ST Book are also floating about on the Internet too.



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thanks steven this is good info ill look over it all what we need is rev 5 schematics {1MB ram} the ones around are rev 7 {1 or 4MB ram}

ok so news is the TTL buffers have arrived ill have time tomorrow to solder the buffers into the two bad displays
the third one with the black dot on it ...on one of the row address chips

the microscope is working i managed to tin the .2mm tracks
i need to look for thinner wire to use ... or another method perhaps plateing them
i found a bit of copper mulitstrand from an old charger cable
seems the cables + - has over 50 strands per lenght of 1mm cable overall minus its coating
so each strand must be about .1mm still too thick

but arent tinned so ill electroplate them with tin instead of soldering on to tin/lead them ????

so dam thin i have a needle tip made of copper only for the iron i use
the end is massive under the scope .1 at the tip but very soon goes up to .5mm
so i think i will try to fuse the two bad tracks in a cold manner
ill work it out i have some chemicals too use perhaps gold plate instead...

wish me luck ...
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Post by Robson »

Fingers crossed.


Post by Guest »

Robson wrote:Fingers crossed.

good news robson
replacing the buffer has now got the display to work again
youll notice the missing line columb driver connection

as i press the back of the panel at the line it comes and goes
so its just a bad connection
so ill sort this next and clean the whole panel with ipa once its good

so mostly done and another one saved ... :D
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Post by Robson »

Well, take it as you want - I love you Simbo!
Great news on payday Friday! I'll definitely have a pint for your health tonight.


Post by Guest »

i would recommend a couple of erdinger drunkles... very nice dark ale only drink a max of 2 :cheers:

so now we see the error with the delicate lines tracking jam on columb 4 driver thin films
some idiot possiblly homer simpson
has demounted the lcd panel without due care {ha!!! i notice one bit of rubber missing that cussions the panel ill need to make one}
anyway its i think 2 tracks i need to seperate and one too fix
its in the cue for the microscope ... not nice but i suppose easier than a plastic issue with the english version
i think with some care it will just be a case of a solder iron at distance
and a needle to correct the tracking jam and no direct solders
if you hold the iron at a distance its just as good as direct solder where the plastic thin films are concerned
without melting anything and always apply solder to the iron to wet it and never try too solder direct to such fine tracking

and use some cotton bud with some flux liquid will help greatly to quench it stops anything melting or chance of melting
and also for solder reflow
and work very slowly :|

not too worry ive repaired worse and harder.. and they still work fine 20 years later...
as its the last thing to do ill take some time to get it right
the rest of your machine robson is fine

so lid hinges fixed with epoxy and new screw lugs...
caps and bats changed
lcd working again too fix lines ...
power supply is easy anyway
bat pack you can decide on it
cfcard prepped and working ill look at the drive with the falcon if there is stuff too save i can copy it over??? let me know
tos roms waiting for eproms from china not sure about mr rooney ill phone him see what he wants too do about these OTP
i have sent his 10 back

and clean carefully and reassemble etc
the dot to sleep needs rebuilt

notice in the pics its a ECM-A0572 made by epson in japan
display serial in robsons case is 9142B06N
each of the tracks is like .2mm wide or less... not sure...?
i suppose someone has used something to pry lift the display out
NO you use the LCD driver panel to lift it from the left to the right NOT try to pry it up
very lucky here the panel didnt crack... {terminal}
ill move back too the french machine just now and repair its buffers also
lets see what it does
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Post by Guest »

your lcd is fixed !!!! nice one so your book will be ready in a few days time too send
was the same buffer ic as i thought {scope told me} and appears clean of anything like lines etc... nice... and clean
so nice 1 i think i can prep and send yours soon few days
still too send off jvas one
so all going well ill send off jvas one and joes in a few days time

im scared to send jvas overland because of the crap at dover etc jam delay so ill send by courior by air
so i decided to re package then for smaller size and weight ... otherwise it ends up in a massive cue {operation stack}

could take about 3 weeks to arrive ??? :contract: :shrug:
so also i will declare them as gifts and very little insurance
otherwise they will attract import tax again

its up too you two.. i didnt like paying out tax where its not right too pay it for repairs i feel

joes needs to go to america ill send as needed as air mail so few days once i fix its hinge ill send it off!!!
major success !!! all 4 displays and main pcb boot fine
just too trim the last three up and reasemble
ill get back too fitting the cf cards and adapters and finish off
great days solders for sure
the new buffers worked nice...
!!!! yipeeeee...!!!

ps dont try to use super glue {crazy glue}
again on stuff
you nearly killed my eyes...!!! :|

also although you didnt
dont anyone try too use super glue on the plastic case
it will mark it baddddd
i use fast set eproxy ..from the £1 shop dual tube and shutter with blutack it in keeps it in one place
and a lamp will cure it faster less than 10 mins till rock solid
joe do you want me to give you dual tos french and english as i see by your name your french
you need to lift the keyboard and flick the switch to change tos language
as im not sure you want me to alter the case for a switch ??? perhaps inside the bat compartment??
as for cfcard ill mod the case and power PCB that gets in the way as you said too do
to suite to be able to slide in the secondary CF card under the mouse
not sure..??
now i can get back to chandlers TT pcbs and the magnum TT builds ... again
just a weekend with the microscope and some delicate work on robsons {easy stuff} and jon's one
gona have a rest tonight and out with the optrex eye lotion
still stinging from the cyano acrilate...!!!
but dont worry its happened before
should of looked more carefully at it first and perhaps some of this ... 1416162974
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Post by Guest »

note about freight and what the post office in the uk will accept

i send to jvas

hi i need to repackage it for air freight make it smaller and lighter
the post office wont accept the wood {dam health and safety}
ill put a note in the topic about it
it would have had to go overland by dover
and its jammed up could take more than 3 weeks in the post
so ill repack it and send air and fast...
ill post yours and joes off after the weekend
sorry im slow !!! its out of my hands to a degree...
dont worry its quite safe !!

so ill repackage them so i can send via royal mail air ... couriors are also fussy about boxing outgoing... :shrug:

jvas is wood and some regulations
joes is too large because it was in bits.. and a very large box...

not a problem

my eyes are really sore
off to get a rest

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