Advice Needed on SCSI HDD Backup & Partition Reading

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Advice Needed on SCSI HDD Backup & Partition Reading

Post by AnakiMana »


I've got a UltraSatan on the way now and want to back up my current SCSI drive somehow before changing my setup.

I have an ICD AdSCSI-PLUS ST, running ICD Pro drivers version 5.5.0.

I'm afraid if I hook up the UltraSatan to the ACSI-out port of the AdSCSI card, something might go wrong and I'll lose my drive contents.

Should I take the SCSI drive out, attach it to a PC running either Linux or Windows and would either one be able to read my partitions?

Or should I detach the AdSCSI card & drive, and just start using the UltraSatan?

What's your advice?
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Re: Advice Needed on SCSI HDD Backup & Partition Reading

Post by AtariZoll »

Yes, it may be that combination will work unreliable, what may causing even data loss.
Windows, Linux (except if TOS support is compiled in Kernel, what is now not usual) can not handle TOS partitions.
But you may save whole hard disk as single image file - there are several programs which can do it.

SW, which recognises TOS partitions, disks on Windows :
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Re: Advice Needed on SCSI HDD Backup & Partition Reading

Post by hercule12 »

The ADSCSI will handle 2 or more drives, just add a second drive and copy all the data from your first drive onto it then you have a copy if it all goes tits up when you play with the ultrasatan. Simples.

Re: Advice Needed on SCSI HDD Backup & Partition Reading

Post by Guest »

first get a working 2 sdcard system on id 0 and 1
change the id of the second now scsi drive to id 3 or 4
look up its data sheet!!! use google it has a huge manufactures database of models
plug in the acsi card as directed on the ultrasatandisk site
to the unit {in the middle}

dont enable the scsi drives termination {or disable it} as its both first and last device on its card
then its aok

if its a unit you use ie its an interface that is a scsi hdd and acsi unit in a box with dma out
then just change it to scsi id 3 and enable id 3 in hddriver.sys you boot from

and then your st/e will boot from sdcard and see the partitions on the scsi drive

if its an ste with tos 2.06 then you can do an auto detect drives
it will add the icons and you can save the desktop

if its an st or less than tos 2.06 youll need to add the drive icons manually
if you use hddriver youll need to adjust the sdcard that boots
copy of it by loading it to hddutil {boot from sdcard then add the floppy and run hddutil load up the driver either on the floppy of from the sdcards .sys in the root and save it back there with the install part of hddutil}

adjusting it so it see;s the new id and drive {use auto detect}
and saving it then exit hddutil use cold boot {ctrl alt rhtshft del } and it will 'see now' id 0 1 2 3 etc as you choose to enable them
have fun :| :arrow:

same goes for any driver

you load the .sys on the boot drive with the util and adjust it!!!

NOT the boot floppy copy

a resident driver just needs added accepts install it again then exit the adjustment util prg

then cold boot the st etc DONT PRESS RESET

use ctrl alt rght shift del

above all you may need to disable the driver on the scsi drive

to do this boot from it and call the .sys in the root dir .xxx or something
then on the next boot it will be ignored and the machine will then boot from the sdcard

i think adscsi icd drivers overide hd driver sometimes
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