PAK 3 with Graphics

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Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
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PAK 3 with Graphics

Post by silvercreekvalley »

I'm messing around with a PAK 3 setup which consists of a PAK board and a FRAK which
is currently unpopulated.

I have a ET4000 card and a Voksfarben 4000 adapter (it plugs into a 68000 socket).

Mounting this on the PAK boards, and installing NVDI 5, I've set the graphics to ET4000
and also created a NVDIVGA.INF file using the NVDI utility, setting it to 'Volksfarben'
as the graphics card.

Making up a 1024x768 graphic resolution, and booting I get the NVDI config screen letting
me select a resolution, and can select the resolution.

The only thing I get though is a blue screen on the VGA card output.

I found a small utility that came with the Volksfarben that seems to test the graphics card
and it works OK except for the 'read' on the memory which gives some error message.

Anyone managed to get something working with a PAK setup like this?
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Re: PAK 3 with Graphics

Post by dexterslab »

i suspect that you'll need some different drivers... the options in nvdi for use with 3rd party video cards are normally used with the ET4000 VME cards on the MSTE and TT

can you get the test pattern/output in the VMG-4000 application?
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