MegaST recent errors

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MegaST recent errors

Post by Bikerbob »

Hello all, I have a megaST board that I have been using as my project board over the years. Trying to get my PAK030 working etc.

I am sure this is a result of me playing with the board so much.. but I am having an issue, where when the board is COMPLETELY COLD - not run for hours.. it will book fine.. and work for about 2-3mins.. then the screen starts artifacting and flashing.

I was just trying this with the diag cart.. and got these screen shots.. The last one showing 1m of ram was interesting as the machine has 4m.
Does R2 refer to a specific Chip? a Row?
Does this give anyone an idea where to look?? after the first bunch.. I disconnected everything from the board - turned it over and went over the ram sockets (ALL are socketed) - touched up anything that looked suspect, but I ended up with the same type of crash.. which is the last picture.

Open to suggestions?
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