Atari 1040STE case repair

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Atari 1040STE case repair

Post by BrettRogers316 »

Hi All,

As you may have seen in my posts about the 1040 STE that I have having a broken RF modulator which has been repaired now and I've now got a RGB to scart cable for it so no real need for the RF but at least there isn't an ugly cable sticking out the back now.

Anyways, I digress, I picked up the case top to put it back on and found that it's very brittle. At some of the weakest points it's cracked and the top of the case is broken ☹☹

The points where it's broken are the where the thin pieces separating keyboard and keypad are and the front bit too.

I was wondering can I repair it and if so what do you guys recommend. I've got some super glue but wonder if there's anything better I might use. I have heard that the case is made from ABS plastic and I've also heard that acetone can be used.

I guess if I can't repair it then I'll be on the lookout for a top case but they're becoming very rare to find one. If anyone knows of anyone let me know. I've put a post if Exxos forum as well in the wanted section.

Anyways, Thanks All.


Ps. Sorry if this isn't posted in the right section.
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Re: Atari 1040STE case repair

Post by DaveTC »

I recently used poly cement to fix one of the screw holes on the bottom half of a case.
You may wish to try and reinforce the damaged sections on the inside with strips of a similar plastic that'll bond the same way. Hopefully it won't look too bad from the outside that way, compared to having weld marks where the pieces stick together.
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Re: Atari 1040STE case repair

Post by joska »

I also have an STE where the top case is very brittle. Like yours it has cracked around the keyboard. Also, the support posts has cracked. I did repair it with acetone (, the repair itself was solid but the case soon started to crack in other places so I ended up replacing it with the top from a broken STFM.
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Re: Atari 1040STE case repair

Post by DarkLord »

When I was putting an Ultrasatan and 1.44 HD floppy into my STacy, I had to
modify the faceplate. I didn't like the way it looked afterwards so I did some
"repair" work and liked the results much better. The Loctite stuff reminds me
of Bondo for cars. You just apply it (less is better), let it dry, sand it down,
and paint it.

HTH"s. :)
Floppy drive faceplate mod01.JPG
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Floppy drive faceplate mod03.JPG
Floppy drive faceplate mod05.JPG
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