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Thames TV and Cyber Paint

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:10 pm
by SteveBagley
When we got our first 520STE in 1990 (the Power Pack model -- in the UK, from Evesham Micros), it came with a free magazine in the box about the ST and what it could be used for. I suspect it was mainly reprints of bits and bobs from one of the UK ST magazines…

I remember one of the articles in the magazine was about how the Atari ST had been used by a couple of people at Thames TV to produce one of their promo links to air between shows (since they didn't have access to the usual broadcast equipment because the room was being decorated) using Cyber Paint, and various other ST packages (Degas Elite I think, and a Video Digitiser).

I've never been able to find a couple of the article (or the magazine for that matter) online but wondered if anyone else knew where a copymight be lurking…