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NVDI configuration for Notator

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 12:02 am
by Fujiyama
I'm testing Notator with NVDI 3.01 but it's been ages since I messed around with this stuff and can't quite remember how to configure it.

I did manage to get NVDI 2.51 to work with Notator, but only after disabling the fonts.
I did this by opening ASSIGN.SYS with ASSIGN.PRG and removing the 4 "system-resident" Monaco fonts in the "04p SCREEN.SYS" section, then pressing OK and rebooting.

With NVDI 3 on the other hand I understand there's even more font support (TrueType etc.), but where do I access the settings for it?
I did find a program called PRESET.PRG which allows me to set basic NVDI settings. This is how I've configured it:

[x] GEMDOS Cconws
[ ] TOS compatibility
[ ] Mouse acceleration
[x] Line-A
[ ] Error messages

According to the readme file that comes with Notator 3.21 it says:

General advices
- Attention TOS 2.06 users: CPX modules "WCOLORS" and "COLORS" must be disabled.

- Attention NVDI users: NVDI is a screen accelerator which is mainly
available in Germany but which may have been exported to other countries.

In NVDI's Configuration", "GEMDOS-Zeichenausgabe", "Dynamische Maus" and "Line A" should be enabled,
and all other functions disabled.

If using NVDI with the Mega STE or TOS 2.06, start NOTATOR via SOFTLINK only.

Is "GEMDOS-Zeichenausgabe" the same as "GEMDOS Cconws"? I assume "Dynamische Maus" is the same as "Mouse acceleration" though Notator worked fine with and without it when I used NVDI 2, so it seems it's only a user-enhancement and not something which is essential in order to make it work.

The last part about only using SoftLink is you're using a Mega STe or TOS 2.06 puzzles me.
SoftLink is a multi-tasking environment in case you were wondering, before MagiC, Geneva etc. was available, dividing memory into several (up to 9) "memory partitions" where you would run a separate program, Notator being one of them.
Why would I have to use SoftLink if I have a Mega STe or TOS 2.06 (I have both)?

Re: NVDI configuration for Notator

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:05 pm
by crx091081gb
Long shot I know but I don't suppose you could post that copy of NVDI, I have 2.50 and can get Notator to load but then it freezes. I was wondering if 2.51 would help.

Re: NVDI configuration for Notator

Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:19 pm
by Sonus