Starting GEM via ttytab on easymint

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Starting GEM via ttytab on easymint

Post by neanderthal »

So popping this up here cause fault traced this a second time and it can take time to figure out.
Will save time for the few that might actually still use/install this version of easymint.
In fact cant even remember which version it was,maaany years ago XD
Kernel 1.15.12(tho I use a own ctrl-C fixed one),maybe should pop that fix up somewhere?

It is the place of execgem that is in /sbin and not in /usr/bin as in the orginal ttytab file.

Code: Select all

# /etc/ttytab
# Prinzipiell l„uft auf der console ein normaler getty
# Es darf nur einer der Eintr„ge aktiv sein!
#console	"/usr/sbin/getty console"	vt52	on secure
#console	"/usr/bin/n_aes"	tw52	on secure
console	"/sbin/execgem"	tw52	on secure
#console	"/usr/bin/xaaes"	tw52	on secure
# gettys auf den seriellen Schnittstellen
# Modems k”nnen damit nicht ordentlich bedient werden, dafr gibt es
# mgetty. gettys werden mit on/off ein- oder ausgeschaltet
# ttyS0	"/usr/sbin/getty std.19200"	dialup	off # Modem1
# ttyS1	"/usr/sbin/getty std.19200"	dialup	off # Modem2
# ttyS2	"/usr/sbin/getty std.19200"	dialup	off # Serial1
# ttyS3	"/usr/sbin/getty std.19200"	dialup	off # Serial2
# ttyS4	"/usr/sbin/getty std.19200"	dialup	off # Lan
# Bei MIDI ist es egal welche Baudrate man einstellt, es wird
# immer nur die einzig m”gliche genommen.
# ttyS5	"/usr/sbin/getty std.19200"	dialup	off # Midi
# Beispiel fr den mgetty.
# ttySx	"/usr/sbin/mgetty -x 6 ttySx"	dialup	on secure
And yes I have wonderfully strange dual kombo of installs with it since done some test work with CAF running on Mint.
ie with dual partitions on ext2 and minix just to get it to work.
Funky enough the minix one seems to work.
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